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Hello and good morning Little ones! How have you all been? It’s such a beautiful day outside, so I’ve taken advantage of the weather,and currently writing this blog post in my garden :).
What are you guys doing today? I know that when I’ve written this I’ll be making a fruit salad for my breakfast, along with a smoothie 🙂 

Today I thought it would be interesting to give you some advice on when you start your new job. I’ve entered many new working environment, so I thought by sharing my tips and tricks, it would give you more confidence of when you start your first day. 
If you want to find out more have a little read below :). 

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Walk into your new place of work with utter confidence! I’m not saying catwalk to the office, or ask people to kiss your feet; but to show that you have worked hard for this position. To do this, dress the part, don’t be scared dressing smart, it shows that you want to be here, you want to make a good impression, and you are not afraid to follow orders. 
When I started my new place at EE, or course I was nervous, but I had worked so hard in order to be there! I hadn’t received uniform yet, and they told me to dress, “smart casual”, I took this as a pair of jeans and shirt. But I don’t do anything half-arsed. I looked online for hours on end, until I could find a polo shirt which matched their uniform colour. I remember Elliot (my manager) saying,”look Ian, she’s even matched us on our tops”; he was so pleased and taken back, as he didn’t expect me to match them.To some people, this amount of effort would be seen as “keen”. Well … Ignore those comments, you do you! Don’t worry about what other people have to say. 

Smile! Your new team are pleased to meet you, they were once in your shoes, they know how it feels to be the new member of staff. They will welcome you with open arms; but you have to set the right impression. Don’t be too shy or tedious, because they will find it hard to communicate with you. Instead introduce yourself, find common interests and hold a conversation with each and everyone of them. This will build a better rapport with them; which will make it easier for you and them to communicate later on in the day; especially if you need help with something. For example when I first started working at EE, I was full of excitement and joy, I knew I had worked hard to be there, and I wasn’t going to spoil it by behaving in an awkward manor. I already knew Elliot and Ian from my interview, but I saw a new face, he was called Lee. I just said “hello” and he told me things about himself, we found common ground. I done this with all the members of staff it really improved the working environment; as I felt confident around them. 


You already know aspects about the company, as you would have had to of researched the basics prior to the interview. But in order to shine in your business it would help to already know key information about: what they offer, what deals to the currently have, any promotions, is a sale about to take place? etc.
In my perspective, I thought that it would be vital to learn: what offers and bundle packages do EE have, researching the new launches and the inside details on the brand new phones, this being: Samsung S7 and the iPhone 6s plus. 
Knowing these key bits of information came into play, as several customers asked me when the launches of the new Samsung and iPhone was being released. As well as helping customers around the shop by telling them what deals we had on etc. 
This not only made me feel good, but it also gave my manager confidence as he knew that he had selected the right candidate.  


Remember to enjoy yourself! Although you are at work, and you need to make sure you are keeping on top of your targets, you need to make sure to relax. Being uptight and stressed isn’t the way; as your team members will pick up on this and start to feel the same. 
Instead, when the business is quiet, talk to your team, discuss that you are really enjoying your first day, and that you can’t wait to see them again. This will set a positive working environment, and when a customer does walk in, they will pick up on the positivity. 

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed! I will hopefully see you again later on today, as I will be posting a vegan recipe in the afternoon! 
For the meantime, enjoy the rest of the day, go out and have a picnic! That’s what I’ll be doing today! 😀
I love you all so so much! See you again soon! Stay tuned Little ones! x x x 

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