Steps on how to do well in an interview

Good morning! It’s a beautiful day, and Britain has decided to leave the EU! What did you guys vote for? Contact me on my social media platforms above :).
Any who, I have recently had a new job interview, and I think it went rather well, they have called me in for a trail day; and I can’t wait! 😀 
I thought that it would be a great idea to show my tricks and tips on how to have a successful interview. If you want to find out, look below and have a little read.

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Make a good first impression:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early:
    This shows the interviewer that you are keen to meet them, and that you can manage your time well. This is a good strength to have, as if you are successful after the interview they will be able to rely on you to turn up to work on time; and that they can give you a detailed an proper brief of what they need to do that day.
  • Dress the part:
    Be smart! Putting on a suit doesn’t hurt, and making sure everything is perfect is key. When an interviewer sees you that’s what they judge you on, before you have even said anything. If you have a scruffy shirt, and your hair is greasy etc. They have already lost interest, as they wouldn’t want somebody like that representing their business.
  • Greet them well:
    Be confident and give them a firm handshake, ask how they are doing, what they’ve done today. Be interested in their conversation and find common ground. Showing that you are interested in what you have to say, builds a better rapport; it makes them more likely to pick you as they have such a great connection to you.

Do your research:

I’m not saying you need to know EVERYTHING about the history of the company, but it helps to know certain details as it shows that you have done your homework, that you really want to work for them as you’ve taken the time out of your day to not only revise this, but remember it to.
Key things to research would be:
  1. When did they become a business?;
  2. how many stores do they have?;
  3. do they have any stores abroad?;
  4. what do they sell, and how to they sell it?;
  5. how successful have they been? Find awards;
  6. how much have they grown since they’ve started?
If you can apply this information in the questions that they ask you, and answer it confidently, this is perfect. This will tick a few boxes for them, as they know they have the right person.

Good strengths to have:

In an interview, they will commonly ask for 3 strengths and how it will benefit their company. Here are a few which I’ve said in previous interviews:
  1. Punctual; 
  2. positive; 
  3. quick learner; 
  4. good communicator (communication skills)
  5. good attention to detail (perfectionist).
All of these are fantastic strengths, as it entails and meets the guidelines of what you would need in an everyday working environment. For example, if you’re a quick learner, this will benefit the company because they will be able to trust you to do things correctly. And when it comes to training you in a brand new sector; they already know that you are the perfect candidate because you can pick things up so quickly. 

Good weakness to have:

The interviewer tries to trick you, but you have to say something because if you don’t, they might assume that you are big-headed.
Something that I have ALWAYS said, because is true, that I’m, too much of a perfectionist
Turning a negative into a positive is great! They will then think, ‘she/he is passionate about their work and likes it a certain way, I can’t fault that’. 
BUT! If you make your weakness too realistic, for example, ‘I don’t like getting up in the morning’, that gives the interviewer the wrong impression and knocks off points for you. So DON’T say that. 

Be prepared:

In an interview, it helps to know some of the questions beforehand, it as gives you a better chance on how to answer it. For example, these are the most common questions I have been asked in an interview:
  1. Why do you want to work for us?;
  2. why do you think you are perfect for this role?
  3. what do you know about the company?;
  4. tell us about a time where you have worked in a team, and what was the outcome?
You can revise these questions, prepare your answers and revise your responses at home. This shows the interviewer that you are well prepared for the interview, and they are more likely to hire you than other candidates. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this post! I hope it’s helped you in some way shape and form! If you want anymore advice, don’t hesitate to contact me. My social platforms are listed above and down below:).
Have a lovely day, and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 


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