Breville BlendActive Review

BlendActive Blender Review: 

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Disclaimer: I have not been paid to do this, I just simply wanted to write a positive review for the Breville BlendActive Blender; it was long overdue and I just wanted to share MY thoughts and opinions on this product 🙂

You can check out the smoothies I’ve made with this blender here and here!
Good Evening Little ones, hope your day has been wonderful and satisfying :). I thought that it was about time to review one of the most important factors of my life … Yes I know it’s a blender, but it’s simply amazing! It’s the Breville BlendActive Blender! If you are interested about knowing the full details about this product and my opinion; feel free to have a wonder down below :). 

This is when I made my first vegan smoothie, it blended like butter, no lumps or bumps! Which is perfect for me, as some textures make me cringe.


  • The setting up process:
    You take it out the box and all the parts are there for you, this would entail: the blender, blade and medium sized bottle.
    When making the smoothie you simply put your desired ingredients in the bottle, take the blade (it’s detachable); screw it on the inside of the bottle (so it blends); and click it on the base of the blender! It’s so quick and simple! Because of this when I need to make a protein backed smoothie in the morning, I can throw it all in and be done within minutes! I can’t describe how much this has helped me, especially since becoming vegan, it’s perfect!   
  • Durable:
    The Breville BlendActive detachable bottles make it super durable! You don’t have to blend your smoothie in a separate container and transfer it to your drinking bottle; it’s already done for you, your bottle is your blender! You can take it to work, school, shopping etc. This makes making smoothies not a pain at all, as you only need one device; less stress and it’s a time saver :).
  • Breville offer different sized bottles:They offer various sized bottles, a total of two, this being the 600ml bottle, the one I have, and a 200ml bottle. The fact that they offer different sizes makes it even better. Simply because, if you have a small bag and don’t have enough room you can always use the smaller bottle; or if you want to portion control, you can also use the smaller bottle; vice-versa. Breville also offer different colours on their website, ranging from: blue, red, green and pink. This widens Brevilles’ target audience as they are providing more options, this making their customers happy. In my opinion I really liked the green one,as it’s super vibrant and makes me happy :).


  • Breville provide a simple yet modern blender out to the market, in comparison to ninja bullet, this is far more interesting and unique. Simply because, one, Breville offers a wide range of colours, in which the ninja bullet doesn’t. Two, BlendActive have a better designed lid, it’s leak-proof, easy to drink from, as they provide a drinking nozzle and its easier to grip as Breville have made indentations in the bottle to emulate where your hands should go. This makes it easier to drink from, and it prevents you from dropping it if you are walking and drinking at the same time. Whereas the ninja bullet has an ordinary cup shape, and there are no indentations of where your hands go. 


The Breville BlendActive with 1x600ml retails for £19.97 on their website, this is the exact one that I have purchased. I feel that this is an amazing value for money, I only wanted the one 600ml bottle, as I’m the only one in my household that would use it; I bought it for me and me only. Whereas, if you were to buy the BlendActive ‘family pack’ this would be a total of: £34.99! This gives you: 2x600ml bottles and 2x300ml bottles! This is only £15.02 more, and you get triple of what you would get if you only brought one of them. In comparison to the ninja bullet, this retails for £69.99! This is a lot of money for a blender, especially when I think that the BlendActive performs just as well if not better! I have bought the two of them and I tried them both out, but I feel that the BlendActive is a better value for money.  
If you are considering buying one check out their website down below:


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to look at this blog post, I would highly recommend the Breville BlendActive Blender, it’s amazing value for money and lasts a really long time. I have had mine for 2 years and nothing has gone wrong with it (touch wood).
Thank you again, and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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