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Breville Pick&Mix jug blender:

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Breville to make this review, I have been a fan of their products for many years now. I recently purchased this blender to make bigger drinks and to see how well it would pay off. This is only my opinion of the product. 

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  • The setting up process:
    When you take this out the box all the parts are segregated into different compartments; I find this handy and easy. It’s simple to take out of the box, and it’s well protected; Breville take pride into protecting what they deliver. This makes me happy as a customer, as they care about the quality of their product, not just what they make; but how it’s delivered.
    In regards to using the pick&mix blender, you simply just take the base of the blender, place it on a flat surface, and place the jug compartment on top of the base. It’s as simple as that, you don’t have to twist into place, or wait for it to click, you just place it on top. I find this perfect in a jug blender, especially when I’m in a rush, I don’t want to have to wait to click it into place. The Breville pick&mix have multiple sections where you can click it into place, you don’t have to be precise at all, which is another bonus.
    On the other hand, when you have to take it apart, you literally just lift the jug off the base! You don’t twist, just pull it upwards. I remember the jug blender we had before this was extremely out of date, I’m talking 15+ years old! I can’t even remember the brand name! Taking the jug off that base was so difficult, I actually sprained my wrist! I then finally convinced my parents to buy this blender, as they need a new one, and the aspects of this blender is so much better. 
  • They offer different colours:The Breville pick&Mix jug blender have three main colours! I decided to go with ‘pistachio’, this is a beautiful, vibrant and refreshing. It was my favourite colour out of all three. When I head downstairs in the morning, and see this blender it automatically lifts my mood and makes me happy. It brightens up the room on a gloomy day. I feel that the colours: vanilla and strawberry would have the same affect. It also gives me a vintage appeal, simply because pastel colours was the staple of 1950’s American dinars.  
  • Easy to clean up:When you are done with the Breville Pick&Mix Jug Blender, you take the jug compartment and place it under warm soapy water. The left overs in the jug simply washes away, you hardly have to rub the glass down; this takes less time and effort. If you are in a rush, or can’t be bothered to do the washing up, then this is perfect for you! I know that before I went vegan I couldn’t be bothered to make a smoothie because the clean up afterwards was such a pain. But after buying this blender, it’s such as easy to clean up like the blendactive blender.


  • The Breville Pick&Mix blender looks stunning, it looks like the stereotypical blender you would find in a 1950’s American Diner, they would have milkshakes, smoothies, soup etc. The thick glass also appeals to this stereotype, it makes it look vintage, and it helps hold hot drinks or food inside, simply because the glass is heat resistant. I find this perfect, simply because you can make more than just smoothies. On the other hand, I love the bold writing on the side of the glass, it gives a more professional appeal, and it’s extremely handy. If you don’t want to measure your ingredients beforehand, you can do it when blending; it halves the time and makes it easier for you. Especially if you are in a rush, you can throw it in, blend and head off to where you need to be.
    In regards to the controls, I find them stunning, the shiny button in the middle makes it feel expensive and worth my money. I also love that the writing is bold again, it labeled clearly and it’s in a nice font. It makes it easy to read, which is handy if you find it hard to read small writing. This also makes me happy that Breville think about their customers, they take into consideration that some people might find it hard to read small writing, or abstract fonts; they kept it nice and simple for the best. 


The Breville Pick&Mix blender retails for: £32.99, and that’s for all the colours! Which I love because I hate it when I have to pay more because of a different colour. I feel that £32.99 for this blender is perfect! You get a multitude of perks! The fact that it’s so simple to use and to put away! It’s versatile and can do so much! The power is insane, 600w  insane! This power is amazing, it blends really well, so well that when I first used this, it made my hand vibrate so much I felt like I was at the gym. Breville for me is a fantastic company, I have never been dissatisfied, their products are really high quality and they last years.
If you are considering buying one of these blenders click the link below:)

Thank you again for taking your own time and effort reading this blog post! See you soon and I hope you have a lovely day 🙂
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