Lush oatifix facial mask review

Oatifix Mask Review:

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by lush to do this review, what I’m telling you about this product is just based off my opinion and my opinion only.

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Good evening Little ones! How have you been today? I’m waiting for my soup to simmer, so I thought I would sit down and write a review on the ever so famous: OATIFIX FACIAL MASK from Lush! If you want to know my thoughts, what this product is about, and how to use it; peel your eyes below and have a good read 🙂 




This is what the facial mask looks like when you’ve applied it to the face, I used my hands. It doesn’t look attractive, but the smell and results afterwards is beautiful:).


In regards to presentation, I can tell straight away that it’s Lush, their iconic black packaging and handwritten logo make it obvious that it’s them. I love their packaging, it’s simplistic yet luxurious; which interlinks with their products, they are well made products. I love that they place the instructions on the top of the lid, this makes it easier to read and to find; other brands make it impossible to find the ‘how to’ instructions; whereas Lush have you covered. 
In addition to this, the little black pot makes it convenient and easy to put away, you are evidently meant to put it in the fridge, and if you don’t have much space in there, this can easily slide into a tiny corner. You may be thinking, that’s a small pot .. Bet a differ, this container holds a mass amount of product! This is my third pot in two years, and I use it once a week, a little goes a long way. 


This facial mask contains: bananas and illipe butter, this moisturizes the skin beautifully, and it really does, after I have taken the mas off my skin feels like a baby’s butt! I suffer with really dry skin, to the point that it actually flakes off during the winter. When I use this mask it replenishes the moisture within my skin, as well as taking away the redness. The other reason why my skin feels silky smooth is because of the, oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin; this acts an exfoliation. This means that when you are applying, and taking off the mask with water, these grains are getting the last bits of dead skin; in my case this is perfect as I won’t have any bits of dead skin on my face, which when I go to apply make-up the following day it creates a perfect silky base. On the other hand … Can I just tell you the smell of this product is BEAUTIFUL! It’s such a natural smell, I actually enjoy putting this on my face as the smell is so comforting and refreshing. If you have ever had the opportunity to walk past a cereal factory; that’s what it smells like! 😀   


  1. Firstly I like to wash my face completely, especially if I have been wearing make-up. By having a complete clean face, this helps the mask penetrate the first layers of your skin, which is always dry; this will nourish and enrich this skin like it’s brand new. 
  2. I then leave it for 10-15 minutes, just like the instructions tell you to do. During this time I’ll probably be scrolling threw Instagram or Twitter :’)
    By leaving this mask on for such a long time, it will get into the nooks and grannies of your skin, this is extremely important and beneficial, especially when you have dry skin. 
  3. I wash it off with warm water, and pat … PAT dry! This is so crucial, instead of wiping away the last essence of the mask, you want to pat it in, to make sure that your skin stays hydrated for the next time that you use it.


This mask comes in one size which is 75 grams, this is a hell of a lot of product, and for that you can buy it on their website or in-store for £6.75. I have tried several facial masks and this is amazing for the price, you may think it’s a lot of money, but the benefits is worth it! In this pot in highly expensive ingredients compact in one pot. With this product a little goes a LONG way. Like I said before, this is my THIRD pot in 2 years! And I use it once a week 🙂
If you are interested in purchasing this pot of gold check out their website below!
Like always thank you for reading this post, stay tuned Little ones, see you shortly 🙂 x x x 

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