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Ocean salt scrub review:

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Lush to do this review, I’m just simply telling you my thoughts and feelings on the product.

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Hello again! I’m back here again with another Lush review! I love their products, and I love the fact that they help support animals by not testing on them :). How have you all been? Hope you are doing well! If you want to find out what I think about this product and how to use it; look below and enjoy :).






In regards to presentation, I can tell straight away that it’s Lush, their iconic black packaging, simplistic plastic containers and white handwritten logo makes it evident that it’s them. They have always used this. This differentiates them from other beauty products on the market, as nothing else looks like this. This is another love factor about Lush, I love that they are different, they don’t copy other brands and claim it as their own; this makes me want to buy into their products more. In addition to this, I feel that their products are represented as luxurious; which interlinks with their brand, and hand crafted products; you aren’t just buying into the company, you are buying luxury and well made products which will last a long time and give you amazing results.

On the other hand, the sizing of the pot (120g) make it convenient and easy to put away, if you are running out of space, this handy facial and body scrub can hide away with ease. You may be thinking, that’s a small pot .. Bet a differ, this is my second purchase in 6 months. It lasts for a long period of time; I use this 3 times a week, you can use it more or less; but this is how I like to use it.


This face and body scrub contains: lime, grapefruit and salt. The lime and grapefruit tighten your skin and make it feel alive and refreshed; so when you go to wipe your face it feels squeaky clean and cool; it also gives you a beautiful refreshing scent. I actually enjoy applying this to my face in the morning, as it wakes me up, and comforts me with the smell of fresh fruit. Whereas the sea salt, acts as a natural exfoliate; this removes all the dead skin, as well as cleaning your pours. I normally focus on my nose and cheeks, as this is where all the dirt is, as well as my dry skin. This also gives me a fresh and smooth base for when I apply my make-up in the morning; it doesn’t crease my foundation, and it makes it look more radiant as the scrub has provided me with a fresh new base. 


  1. I clean my face with fresh warm water and take a scoop the size of a golf ball into the palm of my hands;
  2. gently massaging around all my face and then focusing on my nose and cheeks;
  3. I take it down my neck, and around my face again, this improves circulation in the face; 
  4. I wash it all off with warm water and tap the remaining essence of the facial scrub into my skin; this makes me feel more awake;
  5. Moisturise your skin with whatever mosituriser you have.
This whole process should take 3-5 minutes, depending how dry your skin is. My skin type is dry to very dry, depending on the season. 


For the size that I have 120g is £7.95. I feel that £7.95 for all natural and expensive ingredients is fantastic, this scrub will last you a minimum of one month, and that’s the absolute minimum with this size. £7.95 a month is a great deal in my book, what would you spend that on normally? A few drinks at Starbucks in more than that, and that lasts you 5 minutes. The great thing with Lush is that they offer a multitude of sizes for your convenience, for example the 250g is £14.25 and the 600g is 23.95. Obviously different sizes will benefit everyone differently, if you use it everyday, I would advise the 600g. If you don’t have much space to store this, then the smaller one would apply to you. 
If you are interested in purchasing this amazing product check out their website below! 
As always stay tuned Little ones, see you very soon 🙂 x x x 

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