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Mac Turquatic Perfume


Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Mac Cosmetics, I have been a fan of this perfume for a year now and I absolutely love it. This is based on my opinion and my opinion only.

Good morning everyone! How was your weekend? Was it productive? I started my trail day of my new job yesterday and I loved it! I will write about my experience later on today in another blog post. 
If you are a Mac fan and love their products I’m sure you will like this review. If you haven’t tried this perfume I suggest you do! 😀
If you want to know my thoughts and feelings, and details about this product, look below and enjoy reading 🙂 

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Can we just talk about how beautiful this packaging is?! The ombre blue, sinking into the green is enchanting and breathtaking. I have never seen anything like this with perfume packaging, it’s innovative, and I’m so glad that a company has done something outside of the box. Don’t get me wrong, I think the classical glass bottle and fancy writing is stunning; but this is extraordinary! Additionally, as you explore the bottle, the base has earthy green feathers, this clearly emulates seaweed; which is commonly associated with the sea. In regards to the cap on the bottle, the piercing teal green is beautiful and eye-catching; it looks like reflections of the sea surface; it brings back the memories of when I went to the aquarium center in London; and I could see what was essentially the ocean. On the other hand, the spray nozzle is fantastic, a little goes a long way! Which one pump so much perfume comes out, it covers the entire body. The pump action isn’t stiff, it’s smooth, and because the mental has been buffed it doesn’t get stuck, unlike cheap perfumes. 
The glass element adds a sense of luxury, makes it evident that it’s perfume, and also makes it clearer to see the ombre affect; it creates the illusion that you are carrying the sea. 
I love that Mac has embroidered their logo, this makes it evident that this is their product; anyone who looks at this will associate it with Mac, and think,’wow, this is a beautiful product, I wonder what else Mac creates’. This is what I thought, and I love their products. Additionally, I love the way they link the name of their product and portray this within the packaging; this shows that they are a well thought out business, and go outside of the box in order to compete with their market. 


This is a well crafted perfume, we soon as you smell this scent it breathtaking and beautiful. At first it’s sweet, but not in terms of actual sweets; you can tell that it’s a feminine scent. It then takes you on a journey on a night out; it luxurious, sexy and mysterious. It’s not overwhelming either, it doesn’t smell like chemicals either, it’s a natural scent. Let me put you in my perspective, it smells like when you are walking down the street, and a woman walks past you, and they smell like perfection; this is what it smells like. As well as this, it lasts a long time; although I use it a lot, as it’s my go to perfume. I have used this non-stop for a year and I’ve purchased 3 bottles. 
When I spray this, it takes me back to the time when I first bought this. I was out in London, it was the 22nd of June/July and the weather in the UK was perfect! It was around 25-30! I have heard so many great things about this perfume so I decided to finally purchase it! I went into Selfridges and headed to the Mac counter, I saw at the till point that the perfume was there; I picked it up and bought it. I remember walking outside of Selfridges, the heat hit my face and to cool myself down I sprayed this on. It was sensational; the smell was breathtaking and purely amazing. It’s my favourite perfume; like I said, this is my third bottle! 


The price of the 50ml is £39 on their website, but if you want the 20ml it’s £23. This is a very affordable perfume, before I had bought this I never looked up how much it was, just because I assumed it would be around the £30-60 mark. When she said it was £30 I was shocked, it’s really inexpensive for a high end fragrance; so I thought that this was a complete bargain. In the past year I have bought 3 bottles, but I’ve only recently bought the third, and I still have a tiny amount in my second. They also offer a roll on perfume for £16, which I also bought, and this lasted 5 months! I would normally apply that on my neck and wrists. 

All in all I think this product is a must have! This is my signature smell, it’s what I’m known for. My boyfriend says, “this is my Amy smell”; this is what he associates me with, it would be strange if I wore anything else. 
I would HIGHLY recommend! Even if you are not into it, it makes a great gift for friends or family.
If you are interested in buying from the Mac Turquatic range click the link below and explore 😀 

Like always Little ones, I hope you have had a lovely day, stay tuned and see you later on today! 😀

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