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Disclaimer: I am not being paid by Estee Lauder, I just simply love this foundation, and I want to write a positive review on this product.
Hello again my lovely people! I am here again, but this time I am writing a review on a new favourite of mine! I bought it recently and I’ve fallen in love! It’s now a staple in my life and I want to share my thoughts, feelings and detailed information about the product.
If you wish to find out more, have a little look read and enjoy! 😀 

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Estee Lauder has always presented their products in a beautiful manor, it signifies opulence and a great passion for higher end beauty. The hint of golden essence is essential to their brand; this is what they are all about; it makes me feel rich and flawless; as I know that I have sunk my money into a great company. In regards to this foundation I love the matte glass bottle, it’s something I don’t normally see with foundation, in comparison to my YSL youth liberator foundation, that’s in a plain glass bottle, and for my MAC Studio Sculpt, it’s in a plastic tube. Estee Lauder has upped the foundation packaging game! They are unique and fabulous. They are one of my favourite beauty brands, their foundations are so creamy and easy to work with; but I’ll explain the formulation later on in the blog post.
I feel that the font is clear and easy to read, which is handy for people that don’t have very good eyesight. In addition to this, the font matches the golden lid, and is consistent with their iconic brand scheme. This tells me, that Estee like to keep their products consistent throughout, they are a well organised and thought out brand. By linking all their products together by having the same colour it would not only depreciate them from any other company. But it would give them a better reputation as they have always kept the same theme. That’s what I love most about Estee, they do what they know best. 


First and foremost, there are no harmful chemicals or fragrance in this product, which is perfect because not only is this great for sensitive skin, but for all skin, it won’t cause any irritation. When I was using the YSL youth liberator foundation the fragrance they put inside the product made me rash. However, after using this foundation I can tell you that this doesn’t happen with this! The formulation is creamy, and has a great liquid consistency. As shown in the pictures above, you can see that it’s not too runny, it’s not sliding off my hand; but it’s thick enough that it stays in place. 
I apply this with a damp beauty blender, it’s easy to blend and looks fantastic when it sets, in regards to skin type; I’m dry. It’s a matte finish foundation, but it works brilliantly with dry! My skin is so dry at the moment that I’m flaking. This foundation does not stick to certain parts of the face, I have worn this a few times now and the staying power is amazing!
After 3 hours of wear I was not creasing, and it was still matte. 
After 5 I started to notice my forehead, and the sides of my nose getting shiny; but that was about it.
After 7 hours slight separation around my nose started to happen, it highlighted my pours, but nothing major.
Estee offer a smashing 44 shades, this is perfect for all skin colours, which is perfect! I’m in the shade 1C0 Shell, that’s the lightest shade in yellow tones. This is perfect for my skin colour, finding a foundation in my shade is near enough impossible, as they appear too yellow or orange. 
The coverage is perfect! It’s medium and high coverage, it builds really easy, you don’t have to blend for hours on end :’). 
The only negative aspect I have about this product would be that there is no pump provided, it’s not a massive error, but I prefer a pump, it makes it easier to distribute; but other than that, it’s my go-to foundation.


  1. Exfoliate your face with your desired facial scrub;
  2. mositurise;
  3. prime with your favourite primer;
  4. dip your beauty blender or brush in the product and blend into the skin;
  5. wait until dry and apply another layer if need be.


This foundation retails for £30, you get 30ml, which is more than enough for 3 months. Think about this, £10 a month. You would spend that amount on a drugstore foundation, but this is amazing quality, and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. I feel like this is a great value for money, you are buying into a great brand, which don’t test against animals. 
This is the best foundation that I have ever tried! And I have tried a few higher end foundations, this was not a waste of money; and when I run out I’m sure I will buy another bottle. 

If you are considering buying this beautiful product, look on their website, the link is down below 🙂 

Thank you so much for reading this post, it means a lot that you take time out of your day to read my blog posts! I love writing and I’m so glad that it doesn’t go to waste!
I will see you again this evening with another vegan recipe! Stay tuned and enjoy your evening! I love you all! x x x 

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