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Lush Store review:

Hello and good morning Little ones! I’m heading off to get my retainers, but in the mean time I thought that I would write a quick blog post on my experience in most Lush stores.
Small disclaimer: I have not been paid by Lush to do this, I just wanted to share my positive experience at Lush. 
If you want to know my Lush experience, sit back, relax and have a banana :).

Side-note: I have been working in retail for 3 years now, I know what is expected from: sales assistants, supervisor, managers etc. This has helped me an awful lot, as I know exactly what to look out for when heading into a store; for example, customer needs etc. 


  • Store layout:
    I have been to a multitude of Lush stores, and they always have a wide and spacious opening, this is also consistent throughout the entire store. This is a massive thumbs up for me, simply because my mother is disabled, she owns an electric scooter, I see her swerving through stores at times and there is no room for her! This aggravates me so much, but knowing that Lush offer a wide shop floor arrangement makes me extremely content. It also benefits the average Jo, it makes it easier for us to walk around the store, and not get in people’s way. I know how frustrating it is when you want to look at the dragon egg bath bomb, but honey, please move :’). Something also that I love with Lush, especially on Oxford Street, they place the same product in different areas, so that people don’t crowd around one product, this is bloody genius! Thank you Lush God! Gold star for Lush!
    In regards to where the products are in the store, they are clearly labeled, and have their own individual section. This is the best invention on earth, it makes the shopping experience so much easier and less stressful! From a customers point of view, the easier the company make my shopping experience, the more likely I am to buy into their brand. With Lush it’s a no brainer! I love them as a company, they are perfection! 
  • Products presentation:Lush never fail to make their products look beautiful, and tasty! I remember when I took my boyfriend Chris, and he thought he could eat the soap; he was confused when I said he couldn’t :’). As shown in the pictures above, the soap bars look like luxury chocolates; but they are presented in a straight line. This shows that they are organised and consistent throughout; and this reflects their outstanding business. In addition to this, I love the way they place their bath bombs in a triangle formation, it looks astonishing and so professional. From a customers point of view, having products that look amazing makes me feel that the business cares about their business, and that they care what their customers think. Being a fan of Lush for years I know that they go the extra mile when it comes to their customers, anyone that goes to Lush will know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t just look at how stunning their products are. 
  • Staff presentation:
    They are consistent throughout, they all wear black and have aprons, just so they don’t get their uniform dirty. It also hints that they are professional, simply because they are going to get messy during their job, especially when demonstrating a product. It lets the customer know that they look the part as well as acting like it. The fact that they are all consistent shows that they care about their image, and the impact that this has on the company; they evidently want to spread a positive message to their customers; and I get this 100% when I walk into a variety of stores. 


Without fail, every time I enter a store, there is always someone there greeting every customer that walks in. They are content and friendly; it feels like you’ve pumped into a friend. When you’ve wondered around the store, you get various customer assistants coming up to you and asking if you need help. But they aren’t pushy, it literally feels like a friend talking to you. As a customer, this is so important, if you make me feel comfortable I will want to stay in the store. They make me feel wanted, they care about my needs and expectations, and are completely chill if they have to explain the ins and outs of a product. They make it hassle free which is a bonus! I hate it when I go into stores and they make you feel like you are being a pain; this in NOT the case at Lush. 
In addition to this, when you need a product explained to you, they will explain it slowly, they will tell you why it suits you, and if not they will recommend a different product. Which I find so helpful! As they want to make sure that they are benefiting you in every way shape and form. They also give you a live demonstration and let you test the products beforehand, this gives you the opportunity to see if you like the product or not, and if so they will pack it up for you.  

All in all, the people I have met in Lush are the nicest people I have ever encountered, I always love going to their store and I wish we had one in Welwyn Garden City. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this little blog post! Have a lovely day!
See you soon Little ones, stay tuned 🙂 x x x 

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