Vegan breakfast smoothie

Strawberry, oat and banana smoothie:

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Hello Little ones! Hope you are well and having a good day, I have another smoothie recipe for you! I hope you enjoy it; this is the perfect start of the day meal; if you are in a rush you can drink this on the go and still feel full and energised :).

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If you want to make this yummy smoothie look at the simple steps down below :). 


  • 1 banana; 
  • 5 strawberries; 
  • 25grams oats;
  • 50grams alpro almond milk
These are just the measurements I used to make a small smoothie, it filled half of the 600 ml bottle. You can double the ingredients if you want to; this is just what I wanted to do. Also a tip when blending, make sure you blend for 2-3 minutes for a smooth texture; because the oats are hard you want to make sure that they are smooth at the end. If you like bits in your drink, or don’t mind textures then you don’t have to do this:). 


  1. Cut up your strawberries and banana and place them in the blender; 
  2. pour the oats into the blender slowly (so that you don’t make a mess);
  3. slowly pour the almond milk into the blender;
  4. BLEND;
  5. optional step: scatter oats onto your smoothie for extra crunch;
  6. ENJOY! 😀

Why these ingredients? 

Banana’s are filled with potassium, this mineral helps function and repair: cells, tissue and muscle within the body. It also makes you feel more energised by sending electrolyte (an element which sends electricity around the body); along with sodium etc. 

A strawberry is an excellent antioxidant, this means that they are the first call when it comes to fighting diseases in the body; they also prevent causing other damage to other cells. Strawberries also donate electrons to unstable free radicals. This means that they don’t have to take electrons from innocent cells. 

Oats have a slow release level of energy, this means that you can have these for breakfast and last a long time without food. This is handy if you are on a diet and want to loose weight; as you won’t get hungry as often throughout the day. 

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See you soon Little ones, stay well and safe 🙂 x x x 

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