Advice-anxiety on business trips

How to deal with anxiety on business trips

Good morning! How are you today and what are you up to? I thought that I would write a blog post that has been on my mind for a while; it’s started to eat me up and I need to get it out of my system. As you may not know I’m on a business trip with EE; I’m doing training for my new job; but this requires to be away from home. With this causes a huge amount of anxiety; of which I would like to share with you, in help that it might give a hand to somebody else who is going through the same situation as me.

If you want to know about my current experience and how I am dealing with it, then have a little read down below :). 

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What comes to my mind:

What I’m about to tell you is from my own mind, some people may think it’s stupid or crazy, but since being here I’ve been worrying about so much. Simply because I am away from home, and I’m alone in this room.

Irrational thoughts:


  • Someone breaking in:

  • This was one of the thoughts that came to mind, I was looking around the room and thought, ‘what if someone broke in?’
    The arrays of entries they have is unreal, the front door being one. As well as the vents and windows. I know this sounds crazy to some people, but these thoughts come with severe anxiety. I have thought of all the ways in which they can come into my room, and all the ways in which I would escape if anything did happen. 
  • How would I escape if anyone did break in?
    When you’ve been in hotels on your own for a few weeks you have time to think of what to do. If this ever happened to me, I would know before they were in the room, simply because I’m a very aware person. I would create a diversion, to do this I would:
    Turn the shower on and close the door slightly, this would make them appear that I’m in the shower. I would be hiding near the wardrobe; once they clear the door I would run for my life.
    This probably sounds silly to some people, but people with anxiety will know what I’m talking about.
  • Someone always watching me:
    I actually hate the fact that I’m alone in this room, I am always on edge, I can never actually rest or relax. Whenever I am: in the shower, doing my make-up, getting ready for the day or bed; I feel that someone is watching me. Simply because I hate being on my own, even when I’m home alone in my own home I feel on edge and scared. 
These are just some of the various thoughts that come to mind, but they are all real. I swear I am not crazy I just want to take extra precaution. 

How to deal with it?

This is how I deal with it, these are only my methods, they may not help everyone but if they help at least one person then I am happy with that :).
  • Listen to music:
    I find that listening to music which makes you happy and content really does help, that’s what I’ve been doing these past few weeks, especially when writing this blog post; as I don’t want to listen to just the keyboard. Music takes me to another world and makes me extremely happy, it takes my worries away and replaces it with joy and excitement. I’m currently listening to, Hymn for the weekend-Coldplay. This song is so positive! To be perfectly honest their new album, A head full of dreams is powerful and energetic; I’d give it a little listen, only if you like their music, or want to try something new.
  • Watch YouTube:
    When the Wifi connection is good, which is around 1am-5am I will watch some YouTube videos. To be honest with you I can’t stay up too late, so 1am isn’t happening for me, but I’m an early bird, so around 4 or 5am I will watch a couple of videos. They take my mind off the anxiety and make me relax as well as laugh. I’ve always been a fan of Shane Dawson, he never fails to make me laugh, so I will always watch him; as well as YouTube drama-it’s entertaining, plus it wakes me up a little more. 
  • Read a book:
    I have been reading a lot, and that’seven throughout the day, when I find a book I love and adore, chances are  you are not taking it away from me. Some nights where I can’t sleep I will read with the lights on. One because I can see what I’m reading, and two because I hate the dark-and yes I sleep with the lights on.
    I find that reading really helps me sleep, and also takes me to another world until I fall asleep. I would highly recommend this method; probably one of my favorites, but that’s because I love reading. I am currently reading The Lake House by Kate Morton. I have read this book 3 times and it’s still one of my favorite. 
  • Skype:
    I would highly recommend this one! When I can Skype my boyfriend or Mum I sure as hell will! I love it when I’m getting ready for bed simply because this is when I’m most anxious, having someone there talking to you really helps; as it creates the illusion that they are in the room with you. For the past few weeks I have been Skyping my boyfriend and Mum for a long period of time; I really miss them,so so much; that’s what’s making this trip really hard for me. But hopefully Chris will actually be seeing me tonight! I’m so happy and excited, I’ve missed holding him for a long period of time.
    If you have a partner or close friend bring them along at some point of your journey. It makes it so much easier; if you can’t then Skype is always there :).
This is the end of my blog post, thank you so much for reading guys! I hope this has helped someone out there, even if it’s only one person; that is one person less having to deal with this. I will be having to write only one blog post a day for 3 more weeks, as I’m going to France next week, and I will be back in training for another week and a bit after that. You just have to be patient with me and this rubbish Wifi. I’m so lucky that I have been able to post 2 blog posts in 2 days! 
I will see you again tomorrow with a product review! There won’t be any vegan recipes until Saturday, but I will make at least 3 or 4 and post them throughout the week so I have something to give back to you when I’m in France. 
I love you all so very much! Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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