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Good evening lovely people! How has your day been today? I was at my EE training, final day tomorrow, I’ll be sad to see everyone go; but they have a future in front of them :). It also means that I have more time to write blog posts; which feel me with such excitement and happiness! I’m sorry that I’ve only been posting one a day, I need to try and make it back to 2 or 3; but it’s been a hectic week; I hope you understand.

Any who, it sprug to mind, that some people have no idea what to buy for other people when it comes to: Birthday’s anniversaries, Christmas etc. I have always been known for buying good presents, it’s my boyfriend’s brothers Birthday soon and he had no idea what to buy him; until I told him, God damn for him stealing my idea. But I just thought that this would be great advice for everyone that struggles to buy for people.
I’m here to break it down and make it simple! If you want to learn some tips and tricks have a little read down below; I hope you enjoy and find it helpful :).

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Make it personal:

Fundamentally, before I buy anything I create a brainstorm of what they like and what that particular gift would mean to them. For example, in terms of my bestfriend Eisha, I would put her name in the middle, and branch off what she likes, what we have done together, her favourite food etc. From this you get a deeper analysis of what you can buy. 
In my perspective I have always bought presents which is sentimental and personal for them, simply because it shows that not only do you care, not only do you know them well; but you have put the time and effort into something which didn’t need to be so special. I’m not saying that it needs to be extravagant, but going the extra mile does show that you care. 
An example of making it personal would be: 
DIY. Nothing shows more care and appreciation then crafting something with your bare hands. It can be anything ranging from:
  • Tie-Dye clothing;
  • candles;
  • painting, drawing, sculpting;
  • photo-book
These are just a few ideas, you don’t have to use these, it’s just for inspiration :).
In my opinion, one DIY present that worked really well for me was the photo-book, I made a scrapbook for dear friend of mine, pictures, quotes, films, food etc. Were all in this book, unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the finial product because this was a few years ago, but it will filled to the brim with years of friendship. 
On the other hand, in regards to about them, you need to make sure that you have everything down. I use their hobbies and what they have always wanted as an immediate guideline. For example, it’s my boyfriend’s brothers Birthday soon. He loves football, Tottenham and Barcelona, as well as other sports, gaming etc. I thought that it would be fantastic to get Chris (my boyfriend) to buy him a Barcelona shirt, simply because Sam has wanted this for years; I still can’t believe Chis never thought of this! Whereas I thought that it would be great to buy a new trendy sports bag for School; he SERIOUSLY needs one! Ia addition to this my next point is :

Look for what they need

I sure as hell used this on my boyfriend for Christmas, like his brother he needed a new bag, apart from that I bought him: Levi jeans, chocolates, fragrance etc. I showered him with gifts, because it made me happy to see him pleased; and because I really wanted to.
Use this tip when buying for somebody, because they will really love that you have purchased something that they need; they then don’t have to buy it! I love these, if not they are my favourite presents to receive in my opinion :).

This is the end of my blog post, thank you for reading and I hope that this has helped you in some way shape and form :).
I will see you tomorrow with a vegan recipe and a product review :). If you want to see those stay tuned little ones! 😀 x x x 

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