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What toiletry essentials do I need on holiday?

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by any of of the companies below, this is just want I wanted to buy for my holiday, as I thought this was best for me. 


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Good afternoon! How has your day been so far? I know that I have been chilling with Chris, we have watched a few films and just enjoyed each others company :).

He’s having a little nap while I’ve decided to write this little blog post; it was something that I was preparing on writing soon; as I indeed heading to France in 2-3 weeks! I’m very excited and I can’t wait to take you guys alone with me 🙂
As shown in the title, I will be informing you on what toiletry essentials you will need to bring when you are heading on holiday.
If you want to know more details on these products, and why you will need them have a little read down below :).

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Deodorant is an absolute must have! Grab whatever one you want, I chose the Nivea pearl&beauty. This scent is so refreshing and beautiful; it’s like spraying faint perfume on your body. This deodorant actually compliments my Mac Turquatic perfume really well; as it’s not overpowering; it doesn’t take over my perfume scent. If you like sweet and refreshing scents then you will love this deodorant.
On the other hand, whatever deodorant you purchase you will need it for holiday, especially if you are heading to a hot country! You are going to be sweating profusely; if you are anything like me, (I sweat so much! Like literally water coming out of my armpits!); you will NEED deodorant. If you feel like you are getting too moist or uncomfortable because of the weather spray this all over your body. Not only will you smell great, but it’s probably the best feeling. 

 Lip balm:

I thought that lip balm was a must have! I use lip balms daily even if I’m not going on holiday; just because if I don’t they get chapped and dry; and I don’t want that! Especially if you are kissing your partner ;). I have used a multitude of lip balms, EOS, Chanel, Burts Bees etc. But I thought that I would pick up the Nivea Sun Protect lip balm, I am a massive fan of Nivea and their products are just as good, if not better than high end. I used this lip balm last year, and the scent is fresh; it reminds me of sun cream- in which I adore! The smell of sun cream is probably one of mu favourites; is that just me? :’).
I am heading to France, and it tends to hit the 30 degree mark if not more, so instead of using a normal lip balm;  I wanted something with SPF in, so that my lips won’t burn. I would advice that if you are going somewhere hot; that you need to buy a lip balm with SPF in. 


Evidently you need toothpaste, you should brush your teeth twice a day, obviously this is an extreme essential. Oral hygiene is extremely important, you don’t want the issues I had in the past with dentists. If you want to read about that experience click here! When you are on holiday you want to make sure you smell nice in ALL departments, you never know you might meet someone there ;). In my situation I’m going to be with my boyfriend, and I’m pretty sure he won’t want to kiss me if I had bad breath :’). In terms of my toothpaste I’ve decided to go with the, Sensodyne Gentle Whiting toothpaste. My teeth are extremely sensitive, I have used the brand Sensodyne for years! Just because I had so many issues with my teeth; my dentist actually recommend this brand to me, and I’ve never used anything else since. In terms of this toothpaste, I have used this for 3 months. They do whiten your teeth slowly and slightly it’s obviously not going to look like you’ve just had your teeth whitened; but they give them a fresh look; while looking after your teeth, and not making them feel sensitive; simply because I know that some whitening toothpastes can cause sensitivity. 

 Tooth brush holder:

Fundamentally, in my perspective this is an essential, I’m the sort of person that cringes once I’ve used my tooth brush, and then puts it back in the holiday bag. No matter how much I have washed it, and dried it; it still makes me cringe. I like the fact that I can use this tooth brush holder; as it segregates all the other products, I don’t have to worry about anything else touching my toothbrush. On the other hand, it’s clear, so you can see that your toothbrush is in there. They are really cheap to buy, I bought this from Savers for 29p … Yes 29p! They really aren’t expensive! You can reuse them time and time again. If you are travelling a lot, then I would suggest that you get your hands on one of these, even if you go camping it’s perfect! It keep it clean and tidy. 

 Sun cream:

This is number one! You should always carry this around with you! Even if you aren’t  on holiday, it’s so important that you have sun cream on you! This is what protects our skin! This prevents skin cancer from occurring; I can’t stress enough how important this is! I have never been abroad before, but what I do know is that it’s going to be hotter than the UK. The temperatures sometimes go to 40 degrees where I’m going. I need to make sure that I am getting maximum coverage when I go out on the beach; becuase that’s where I’m going to be spending the most time on holiday.  When I was in boots all the Nivea sun cream was on offer, the 30 SPF and 50 were the same price; so evidently I went for the 50, as you get more protection out of it, for the same price. As mentioned previously I have been a fan of Nivea for years! I love there sun cream as it’s not greasy, it applies well and I have never burnt while using it! Also the spay pump is perfect! It doesn’t overload your skin with product, so you don’t have to rub your skin religiously. 

Facial wipes:

Profoundly, when traveling around all day you want to head to bed with a fresh face, or start the day feeling clean. Facial wipes are the next best thing! They are super handy and convenient, if you can’t bring your toner and other facial cleansers; find the best facial wipes suited for you. I picked the YESto Cucumber, I have done a full product review on these, if you want to see that then click here! 
I love these facial wipes, just like Nivea I have used this brand for years, I discovered them ages ago and I have never used any other form of facial wipe but these. They are easy to carry and put in your toiletry bag. Because of the cucumber essence it makes me feel awake and refreshed, which is what you want if you are waking up, or it you have had a hard day and you want to feel clean. As well as this, if you are heading to a hot country, the plastic seal on these wipes will make sure that they don’t dry out; that was my biggest annoyance, is when I would buy facial wipes before YESto, and they would dry out because the sticky label wasn’t intact anymore. 

Hand sanitiser:

I take this everywhere I go! Especially if I am going to London! The amount of bacteria on the London underground makes me sick! It’s so important to stay clean, you don’t want to make yourself ill because you hands aren’t clean. You can buy any hand sanitisers, they all do the same job; but I find the cheaper hand sanitisers irritate my hands. So I decided to buy Carex moisture plus and sensitive. Simply because I will use the sensitive throughout the day and eventually it will dry my skin out; so when that happens I like to apply the moisture plus one; as it hydrates my skin as well as cleaning it. I have used this combination for at least a year, and I will stick to it, unless Carex bring another range out. In terms of where I’m going on Holiday, I’m heading to a farm, I need to make sure that my hands are clean and tidy for when I prepare food, and when I feed the animals; as I don’t want to make myself sick, as well as the animals. 


Shower gel:

Shower gel is one of the most important toiletry, simply because this is what cleans you after you have had a busy day, or relaxing day in the hot sun. Despite what you have been doing you always need to cleanse your body; you need to get rid of all the sweat you have produced throughout the day. If not, then you will start to smell, not only will it irritate you, but it will make others around you uncomfortable, as they have to sit there ad smell unpleasant body odor. I will shower at least once a day, twice if I need to wash my hair in the evening, or three times depending o how the weather is. In regards to the shower gel I am using, its the body shop Fuji Green Tea, this is my favourite shower gel I have purchased yet! The reason why I bought this, was because The Body Shop discontinued the Virgin Mojito range, I was so disappointed but this shower gel smells so similar! When I discovered this I went to down on the Green Tea range! It’s such a relaxing and refreshing scent, the only way to describe this would be your best holiday memory combined into a bottle. You will know what I mean when you smell it. 
Thank you ever so much for reading this blog post! It’s completely different to what I would normally do, but I really enjoyed it! I am planning on going a ‘what to pack in your suitcase’ blog post. If you are interested in that then please let me know in the comments below, or on my social media. 
I love you all so very much, and I will see you later on today with a candle review. 
Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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