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My Blog Giveaway

Hello and good morning! Today I am hosting my first ever giveaway! I’m so excited! On my trip to London I put together a goody-bag of products which I love, I want to say a huge thank you for reading my blog and spending time out of your day to support me :).
This gift ranges from: skincare, hand care and stationary! This won’t be my last giveaway, I will hopefully be holding a give away every two weeks; so there will always be a chance to win! ūüėĬ†
To enter this give away all you have to do it follow my twitter and re-tweet the giveaway post!

This giveaway will last for one week and there will only be one winner!






This giveaway entails:

  • KNOCK KNOCK to do list pad:This pad in a handy contraption that helps you organise your personal and work life! Don’t stress about work that needs to be done, and plans that need to be made; this pad takes all the stress away! The four different sections enable you to segregate what needs to be first, what can wait, and what you could do better-in the notes section down below. It’s not too big and bulky, so you can slip it into your bag with ease and check off what you’ve done on the go! In regards to the packaging it’s beautiful; it’s bright and colourful! When I came across this pad I fell in love with it, simply because orange is my favourite colour. It feels me with confidence that I can succeed. On the other hand, there are so many pages! You will get around 6 months to a years worth out of this pad! Plus you can throw the pages away when you are done with them; no more clutter and useless notes.¬†
  • YES to grapefruit facial wipes:
    YES is one of my favourite brands in terms of facial wipes, the grapefruit and cucumber are my go to! I will be writing a review on them later on. The wipes are so soft and¬†refreshing¬†it’s perfection.¬†They don’t¬†irritate¬†my face and I have very¬†sensitive¬†and dry skin; the handy aspect about these¬†wipes, is that they suit all skin types, my sister Alice has very oily skin and these work like a dream for her too. Their packaging is¬†innovative¬†and beautiful, it’s bright and colourful, which¬†make them easy to find and fills you with happiness. On the other hand, they have 25 wipes in this packet! This will last you a month, depending on how often you use them; for example, I use them to take off the first stages of my make up, and in the morning to wake my skin up. I have¬†repurchased¬†these wipes 6-7 times and I love them! I thought that this was the perfect¬†little gift for you guys.¬†
  • CRABTREE&EVELYN hand cream:These were the first little gifts I picked up in London, I was actually heading there to get my usual rose hand cream, as my hands are constantly dry. But they had new products coming in, i saw these two and tried out their testers and I fell in love! I nearly kept them to myself but thought not to :’).
    The gardeners is a rich earthy scent, it reminds me of being in the garden planting my own flowers. The hint of rosemary is enriching and beautiful. It’s not too powerful and it doesn’t harm my skin. Whereas la source has a nutty but fresh scent; because of the shea butter and¬†macadamia¬†it’s¬†highly¬†nourishing; but also smells like the sea. This brings me huge nostalgia of me and¬†my Nan sitting by the sea; such a¬†enchanting¬†memory. If you have dry hands then this will work a¬†dream for you!¬†

This is my give away for you guys! I hope you enjoy and good luck! Remember there will be many giveaways on my blog in the near future! So don’t be disheartened if you don’t win :).
There will only be ONE WINNER!
To enter you have to FOLLOW MY TWITTER AND RE-TWEET the giveaway post!
This is a huge thank you to my supporters, I want to give back to you! And thank you for all the love you have shown me! I love you all! Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones ūüôā
I love you so much!  x x x