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Good morning you lovely people! How are you today? It’s already 22 degrees here and it’s not even 9:00am! I’m really loving the hear, I’m slightly tanning! Just as well too, heading to France in 2 weeks! 
What are you doing up to today then? Top tip before you say “nothing”; enjoy the sun while it’s out! It’s meant to rain soon and you don’t want that!
Any who! I love reading and watching these type of blog posts/YouTube videos, simply because if the product is empty they really enjoyed that particular product, and you can also gather a full review of what that product can do, 
If you enjoy these types of blog posts, or just want to gather some knowledge about some products have a little read down below :).
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 Toni&Guy Shampoo and Conditioner for dry hair:

Packaging-Stunning, professional and innovative. The white makes you feel fresh as well as clean, it gives you a good first impression simply because you want your hair to replicate what the packaging is intending to do; in this case: fresh and clean. On the other hand, the wash of baby blue is enlightening at the bottom of the bottle. It merges well with the white and adheres to the fresh feeling, as blue is commonly associated with the sea; which people claim for it to be clam and relaxing, as well as refreshing and awakening. 
In regards to the innovative aspect, at the top of the bottle you push a button and a gab for the product sprigs up. At first I had no idea to open it, until I noticed the open button; but I didn’t know the hair care industry used this technique.
The product- Fantastic. When you squirt this onto your hand it feels smooth and velvety, it makes you excited to apply it to the hair; as you want it to have the same affect on your hair.It has an elastic and creamy texture. When you apply it to wet hair it absorbs so well! 
The smell is enchanting! It’s so beautiful and natural, it doesn’t smell fake like some cheaper brands. It reminds me of perfume but for your hair. The aftermath of washing your hair is fantastic, it feels like lightweight and fluffy; as well as nourished. I’ve dyed my hair for a few years now, I have the stable ombre look; evidently the ends of my hair will appear dry and damaged from time to time as I’ve bleached it. After using this shampoo and conditioner it immediately diminishes this look. 

Toni&Guy Reboost Dry Shampoo:

Packaging- Elegant and vibrant. When I first came into contact with this product, it was the positive packaging that caught my eye. Purple is one of my favourite colours, it makes me feel rich and beautiful. As well as this, the gold funky writing complimented the purple, as well as giving it the wow factor; Toni&Guy have always presented their products in a beautiful matter; they are always consistent with what they do; for example,before I come into contact with their brand I know that it’s their product due to the: font, colours and the way they have made their product. As well as this, I love that Toni&Guy represent their collections in different colours. For example, the dry shampoo is in the Reboost collection, thsus the Reboost phase on the side of the can. 
The product- It smells fantastic! It smells like perfume but for your hair, it matches the smell of the shampoo and conditioner above. Which I love, simply because it doubles the smell and makes it appear clearer as well as voluminous. In regards to my hair type it’s thick, which means that the top of my hair is flat because the rest of my hair is weighing it down; this adds volume like you wouldn’t believe, it makes me feel more confident n myself, simply because I take a lot of care and effort into my hair. On the other hand, if it’s really hot weather and your hair appears greasy it takes away the excess oil! 

The Body Shop British Rose shower gel:

Packaging- Sophisticated and graceful, the rose is a classical symbolism of upper class and beauty, it’s super natural and in my opinion the queen of flowers; may seem bias because they are my favourite flower.The pink bottle matches perfectly with the rose situated in the middle, I love that it’s a pale version, this not only makes it simplistic but also not too harsh. For example, if The Body Shop were to use a darker pink, it wouldn’t have matched, it would have appeared to harsh and would have taken the delicate element away. In contrast this, I like the fact that they put a black strip around the center, this enhanced the beauty of the rose, and also matched the font on the bottle as well as the cap. I love when companies are consistent throughout their packaging; maybe because I have OCD, but it just makes me want to spend my money as it looks presentable; I’m such a sucker for packaging-if it looks pretty I’ll buy it. 
The product- Smells enchanting! It’s just like you’ve put hundreds of roses of your body, it doesn’t smell fake, it smells exactly like a rose; and that’s 100% true! I have read so many blog posts that claim this and that, but this is the real deal here; if you don’t believe me head into The Body Shop and smell is yourself; I can guarantee that you will love it, (if you like roses anyway); if not there are many other shower gels they do. In regards to consistency this is thicker than their stable shower gels. This feels more like gel than a watery consistency; which I love, it makes it fun when you are applying it as you can imprint your thumb in the soap before you use. Also it thickens when you mix it with water; it actually moisturises your skin when you wash; you feel super refreshed and ready to start the day. The scent is also long lasting on the body, it lasts me around 6 hours, even if I’ve been out in the sun for a long period of time. 
This is the end of the blog post, thank you so much for reading, sorry that there wasn’t many products, the idea only came to mind when my shower gel ran out; which meant that I had to hold this until other products were finished with. 
I will do another one in the future but with more products! As of now I ma still at my EE training, I’ve had to finish this blog post throughout the day and now on my lunch break. 
I want to thank you guys for reading this again! I will see you again tonight with a vegan recipe 🙂 
Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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