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Sleek Highlighter Palette Solstice 

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by sleek, I have bought several make-up lines from them, they produce really good products; it’s just a matter of opinion. 
Good morning you lovely people! I told you what I was going to be reviewing yesterday and it went crazy! So many people loved this idea and wanted me to write this ASAP! I have just come back home from my training, so I thought that I would treat you all and give you what you want! 
If you love sleek, and want to know more about their beautiful highlight palette, have a little read down below :).


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Unquestionably stunning. Everything about this palette is beautiful! I’m not much of a gold person, but this is impeccable, it really compliments the highlighters, and the highlighters compliment the gold. When you take this out of the black box you are blinded by the beauty of the packing. This is unlike sleek, they normally keep their make-up palettes in matte black; but this is completely different. Sleek have interjected their staple font on the front of the palette, the elegant swirls make it feel expensive, it makes me feel that I have put my money into something that not only looks beautiful, but high quality; as they have spent so much time and effort into making sure that it’s ecstatically pleasing.
On the other hand, just like always Sleek always puts massive mirrors in their palettes, not only are they big but they are real glass. Some drugstore palettes use plastic instead of glass; this to me is cheap and nasty. Whereas Sleek have the upper hand, not only are they really affordable, but they puts higher end aspects like glass in their products, to ensure that their customers are getting everything they need in their make-up palettes. Also the pan size of the highlighters is generous, it may not seem wide, but they are very much deep; Sleek have managed to pack as much product as they physically can into this palette, and give you 4 choices at the same time. In addition to this, I love the way in which all the highlighters are separated, some make-up brands like YSL have merged their highlighters together, this to me appears messy. Whereas Sleek have made it neat and tidy, a small but very important factor to me, in my opinion.  


Their are a total of 4 highlighters, which are as followed: 
  • Ecliptic
    This is the creamy highlighter, it’s bursting with pigment and looks beautiful when applied to the skin. As seen in the swatches above, ecliptic appears to look like a dark rose shade, in the sunlight it shines beautifully and brings colour to the face instantly. For me this is perfect, simply because I don’t use blush, this for me in my blush; it turns my face into a young rose; while also making me glow healthily. On the other hand, the wear power on this is insane! Because it’s cream based it won’t budge! I wore this for at least 8 hours of the day and it was still there when I had to take it off at night, I have constantly been complemented for wearing this, and also been asked where it was from. They were shocked when I said Sleek because they are a drugstore brand. 
  • Hemisphere:

  • Beautiful lilac powder, it’s very shimmery and pigmented, and when caught by light it shines even brighter. When I use this I apply it to my cheekbones, simply because it adds colour to my face, and works brilliantly with ecliptic! I use the two of these products on my cheekbones, as they are similar colours they work well; this powder looks in the colour of ecliptic really well! On the other hand, I have tried this product on it’s own, and it still has 6 hours of lasting power! The powder is such a nice consistency, it feels like butter melting, very easy to blend and to work with. 
  • Subsolar:
    If you want to SHINE then use this! Because the colour of this highlighter is pastel toned it shines brightly on it’s own, when the sun catches this your face will be shining like the sun! It gives such a nice natural and healthy glow! I apply this on my forehead and my nose, simply because I want them to dazzle in the sunlight! Even when it’s not sunny I want to be glowing inside and out. The texture of this highlighter is different from all the others, still fantastic; but it has a velvet feel, which is amazing for blending and mixing with other products. This highlighter lasts a very long time! This is placed on the oiliest part of my face, and it remains them until the very end of the day. 
  • Equinox:
    Bronze heaven! This is perfection if you want to bronze up your face, because this is what I use it for! If you are heading on holiday, or if  you are as pale as me and you need colour and a healthy glow, you need this in your life! It’s so very beautiful, the colour payoff is fantastic, as portrayed in the images above. I also use this under my contour, it really sculpts my face and makes it glow effortlessly; it gives you the appearance that you just come back from holiday. Just like the other highlighter shades, it lasts very long, and it’s like butter! It blends out very well, so if you think you have put too much on, you can blend it away with ease. 

In summary these together highlight your features and go together so well! I use each of this shades almost everyday! I also adore the fact that Sleek have named them after space, simply because space in bright and magnificent, and it shines through in each of these highlighters. 


I still can’t believe how cheap these are, for all four shades and a beautiful looking palette it’s … £9.99! I know I still can’t believe it! This is completely worth the money, they are highly pigmented, easy to blend and to work with, and works with all skin types and colours! I’m so pale and it brings out the best in my, I know my bestfriend is much darker than me, and this is so beautiful on her skin colour. 
If you are interested in buying this perfect product click the link below:
This is the end of my blog post! I’m so glad to of written this and reviewed this product, I really want to review other Sleek products! I am heading to France next week, I will be vlogging my experience and keep you up to date as much as possible! I will either see you later on today or tomorrow, but it will be a vegan recipe!
I love you all so very much, see you soon! Keep safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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