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Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Knock Knock to do this review, I have always liked their stationary collections. They helped me with exam preparation, planning blogs and organising my week.

Hello again little ones! How have you been today? I’ve already posted a blog post today, click here if you want to see it.
I’ve also been planning other blog posts, and spending time in the garden watching Jeremy Kyle :’). Any who, I thought that it was about time to write a review on this fantastic notepad! I’ve always been a fan of Knock Knock; and when I bought this a few months ago I was relieved! I was able to plan my entire week and segregate what needed done first and what could wait. It’s amazing if you need to improve your organisation! 
If you want to know more about the product and my thoughts and feelings have a little look down below! 😀 
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Knock Knock have always presented their products in a professional and consistent manor. For example they use bright, positive and vibrant colours. I have never bought a product from them, and received something dull or uninteresting. In regards to this 5 days a week pad, it’s perfection, for the soul reason that they’ve actually combined my two favourite colours: orange and baby-blue. This screams happiness. Additionally, I love the fact that it’s bold because it’s easy to find; as well as this it makes it unique; simply because most stationary pads are plain and boring, this captures my attention in a heartbeat. 
Knock knock have organised this pad so it’s easy to use by everyone. The 5 columns are clearly sectioned off depending on the day, it gives you more than enough in one day to write what you need. I take down rough notes, as it’s just a reminder of what I need to do that day. Also I love the fact that knock knock have faded out the colours so it’s not so harsh, for example the lines that divide each section is a lighter orange in comparison to the rich bright orange. I feel that if they had used the same colour orange it would have been too much, an it would have ruined the design completely; but that’s just my opinion.
On the other hand, I adore the fine detailing of this product, for example, Knock Knock has placed a ‘hopes for the week’ and ‘results of the week’ section in the right hand corner. This is a brilliant idea, simply because, it makes you feel optimistic and positive, you know what you need to do, all you need to do now is to complete the tasks. Every time you tick a task off it’s weight lifted off your shoulders, as well as feeling accomplished. In addition, if you think of any other ideas during the weak Knock Knock enable you to write down additional notes in the, weekend  and next week section. And if anything gets too much, or if you forget to do something, you can place it in the snowball in hell section. This makes sure that it will get done, but you obviously have other priorities. Believe me some times I think of new blog posts on the spot and forget what I was originally meant to write. 


The product itself is perfect, I can’t say anything bad about this product, if I had to be fussy, and I mean really fussy, I would say that they should come out with different colours for people. They might not like this colour scheme, have more of a variety for people. 
On the other hand, I love the way the paper feels, it’s super soft, I know some notebooks I’ve bought and I’ve hated writing in them because the paper is so rough; it makes me cringe … Am I the only one that thinks that? :’) 
Like I’ve said previously, there is enough space to write notes of what you need to do in that day, it keeps everything separate and organised so you can read everything with ease. Also it gives you enough space in the columns that you can tick off each task when you are done. More-so, this product is small enough to go on your desk, it doesn’t take up too much space, and it says on the pack that you can actually use it as a mouse-mat! I know that I will use it in both forms! While I’m sitting at my computer I can see what else I need to do; this is a constant reminder. If you are going to University in September you need this! You need to keep on top of your tasks and work, you don’t want to fall behind. you need something that is going to organise your University life and personal life. 


This pad retails for £6.95, I bought mine from Waterstones as I was already in there for a book and I saw this. I feel that this is a really good price for what you get. For one the paper is high quality, I’ve paid more for Oxford notepads and there is less paper in those and they are double the price; this pad is just as good. It’s keeps everything organised and I’ve never seen anything else like this! I have always had to make my timetables on word, I’ve been looking for something like this foe years, and I came into contact with this product a few months ago. 
This is completely worth the money! It saves time and stress! Instead of trying to remember it at the top of your head, (believe me I did this for years and I forgot more than half), write it down! 
If you are interested in buying one of these pads click the link below:
Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you enjoyed it! I know what I LOVE stationary and keeping organised, when I read blog posts like this I’m filled with joy! Someone out there that shares the same passion knows what I’m on about :).
I love you all so very much! I will either see you again today or early tomorrow morning with a gardening blog post! 
If you want to see that stay tuned, give me a little follow for notifications, if not read it in your own time:)
Stay safe Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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