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Trip to the garden center 


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Hello and good morning! Yesterday was a very good day! I was looking after my boyfriends home while they were working as they were getting their fireplace done; me and the Dad had a beautiful conversation which was very uplifting; and the little brother and I went for a walk to catch Pokemon’s :).

After writing essays for marketing and blog posts they took me out to our local garden center, which was enchanting! I was stuck in the house all day and this really uplifted my mood.
As a thank you they bought me an array of flowers! Which was extremely kind and overwhelming! I will write a seperate blog post on those.
I thought that it would be great if I took you there to experience what I did, if you are interested in seeing what I saw, as well as what I thought; have a little read down below and enjoy :).

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My thoughts on the experience:

Profoundly, I was taken away with natural beauty that mother nature has provided us. The aroma of a vast amount of flower families was overpowering; but in a good way. When you walked to a different section you could grasp the cultures, atmospheres and memories. For example, when I waled past the rosemary I thought about Anne, and her telling me about how she uses the rosemary from her garden in her cooking. But the most important memory that sprung to mind was when I walked past the hydrangea flowers. It brought a tea to my eye, as these were the flowers that my Nan had outside her home. She was easily found as her flowers bloomed and added life to the street. I’m taken back in time to when she let me water them, I miss her so very much. 
On the other hand, the entire garden center looked magical, the array of colours put together was abstract art, it was absolutely beautiful. All the flowers are well looked after, nothing dead or decaying there. Even the reduced flowers were still intact; it’s amazing how much work and effort they put into their plants. 

Did I buy anything?

Me personally no, but I would have! My boyfriends family initially went there for wood, as they wanted to update their fireplace even more. But when they saw the garden center section they were there in a heartbeat. I was picking up flowers in which I wanted to buy, but they took them off me. The dad then said, “what are your favourite ones Aim?” I replied with “hydrangea”. Simply because not only are they beautiful, but it felt like my Nan was there with me in flower form.
Not only did they buy me those, but they bought me roses, daisies and more! I say more because I don’t know the name of the other flowers;but I will find out for you in the next blog post, as I’l go into more detail on just the flowers :). 
Thank you for reading this blog post, I know this one was very short but I just wanted to take you on a trip to my local garden center. I love reading blog posts like this; so I thought that I would do the same :).
I will see you again later with a vegan recipe and a flower update! I love you guys very much, stay tuned and stay safe Little ones 🙂 x x x 
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