Little Adventures-Family BBQ

Taking you along to the family BBQ


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Good morning lovely people! How are you today? Sorry that I didn’t post anything else yesterday, but I had a family event which I adored! I tried to take as many pictures as I could, but not many of them wanted their pictures taken. As well as this, I was really enjoying myself, so much banter and chitter chatter was going on. The only pictures I could take was of me and Chris (my boyfriend) on my family’s field :).
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Family tradition:

Every single year in the Summer, my family have always held a BBQ. This is the only time of the year where all the family can get together and see one another. My mum’s side of the family is crazy! But a good crazy! Last year we used the public field-as shown in the above pictures and made our own waterslide! We weren’t able to do it this time, simply because people were in so much pain and the mess that came into the house was unbelievable! Normally we throw paint at one another or have  a laser party but we were rather tame this year! Only banter, dogs and chickens! And yes … That’s tame :’).

When I was younger I used to hate these family events, I was shy and timid, and they were the complete and utter opposite! But after the years past I’ve grown up and seen how important spending time with family is. You don’t always have to segregate yourself from your aunts and uncles; it’s nice to see them, especially if they are filled with banter.

What did we do this year?

Fundamentally, the BBQ starts around 2-3, but I was inviting my boyfriend and he had work, so I had to wait until 5:30 for him to finish. Me and him arrived later on in the day. As soon as my family saw me and Chris they screamed and shouted YYEAHHHH! Welcomed us with open arms, was pleased to see me; and then started the banter with poor Chris. There was food galore, even vegan food! It was delightful; just what me and Chris wanted after work. 
Most of it endured of what I was studying, where I’m going in September, as well as getting to know Chris. After the interviews were done, me and Chris went to the field (their back-garden) and had some alone time. As you can see in the videos and pictures, we went on a romantic walk and just relaxed. 
After that was done, the alcohol was calling my name, I had a few shots as well as cocktails. It came to around 11pm and it was time to go home, we called a taxi and went straight to bed! 

When will the next one be? 

I was talking to my aunt and uncle and they are hoping on hosting another family BBQ in August, closer to my aunts Birthday or my Nan’s. Even though she’s not here physically, we still like to celebrate her Birthday. This time though I think they might make the home made water-slide. Simply because it’s a massive event we are celebrating. Children are going to be there; it’ll be fantastic. 
This is the end of the blog post, thank you so much for reading. Hopefully next time I will be able to take more pictures of my family, they don’t like their pictures taken, they want to live in the moment. I love you all and my family so very much! I’m pleased to of shared this with you guys! I hope you enjoyed yourself! I will see you again later on today or tomorrow! 
Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones! 😀  x x x 

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