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Good morning you lovely bunch? How are you today? Doing anything exciting? Please let me know on my social media above! ūüėĬ†
I went on a trip to London yesterday, and like always it’s such an amazing experience, I love London and I wish to live there some day. I thought that I would document where I went by taking as many pictures as I possibly could. As you know London is a vert crowed place, so I’m lucky to have this many pictures in my blog post :).
If you want to know what I got up to in London, please have a little read below :).
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Where did I go?

When I go to London nowadays, I don’t have a set plan in where go, I know London at the back of my hand. I like to explore and engage with people and the¬†architecture¬†around me. My first stop was Oxford Circus, simply because my boyfriend wanted me to see him on his lunch-break, he was doing a training course for 4 days, and this was his last day in London. After I saw Chris, I decided that I would look around Oxford and Regent street, I was hunting for new clothes for France, and also giveaway prices; which I did find! More details on the giveaway will be later on today this evening-I’m writing a¬†separate¬†blog post on that.¬†
I then thought that it would be interesting to explore China Town, I love the culture, I feel like I’m walking into another world, different aspects of London carry different¬†atmospheres, people, culture, food etc. I can be in a world of opulence, and then sink into the nitty gritty of London; it’s purely amazing and worth the experience. Evidently, I couldn’t not go to London and not visit some of the famous¬†land-sites, for example¬†Trafalgar¬†Square, Waterloo-(where Big Ben and London Eye is located); Camden etc. Also, when Chris had finished work, we took it upon ourselves to spend some quality time in the History Museum, I was dying to see the blue wale, which I did, and holy moly … It’s astonishing!¬†Completely¬†breathtaking, and it’s free to go there?! How fantastic is that! If you want to go there on a first date, or go there for the day just to explore, go ahead; it’s brilliant, I would highly¬†recommend.¬†
When exploring London, I found out that I’m brave enough to head there and travel alone, I feel at home in London; despite the overcrowded streets; it’s a beautiful place to be.¬†

Will I go again?
This was a stupid question to write, as the answer is HELL TO THE YES! I love London, I love how I can go from one place to the other, it’s an endless and¬†enchanting¬†experience. There are so many places to¬†explore you can’t do it in one day! Also, when I next go I’m sure to bring a group of friends, hopefully it’ll be Chris, Levi, Jeyda and I. It’s so much more fun to explore London, when you have your favourite people with you, and besides you can cover more ground; unless you find a nearby pub and get distracted; which is more than likely to happen when I have my University crew with me :’).


What would I do differently?
As explained previously, I would bring my friends, I don’t not like going on my own, in some aspects it better than being with people; as you can go to the places you want to, and you can enjoy the atmosphere for yourself. But, I enjoy the company of my friends, I want them to feel joyful and content with me; being¬†surrounded¬†by¬†positivity¬†only makes the experience better. On the other hand, I think I¬†would also go deeper into London, I’ve always explored central London, I haven’t gone any deeper than that, So I would¬†definitely¬†dive deeper and explore :).¬†

Would I vlog next time?

In regards to vlogging next time, I think I would or at least try to. Watching videos always makes it more personal, and having the person talk you through what’s happening makes it a better¬†experience. It might take me a while to get use to, but when I do I will post the videos on my blog :).¬†
Thank you for coming on this¬†journey¬†with me, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If you want me to do more of these blog posts do let me know, simply because I want to share my time next month when I’m heading to France; and I might even vlog my time being there; except on my year¬†anniversary¬†with Chris :).¬†
I love you all so very much, and I will see you later on today with a detailed post on my blog giveaway ūüôā¬†
Stay tuned and stay safe Little ones ūüôā x x x¬†

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