L’occitane store-my experience and review

 L’occitane shopping experience 


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Good afternoon! How are you today! It’s been extremely hot and I’ve been loving every moment of it! I’ve been gardening, about to head into town to grab another flower pot; I have too many flowers! Any how, I went to London a few weeks back and headed into L’occitane for a few holiday bits; walked out with more than intended, but the shopping experience was wonderful! I thought I would share what happened in store 🙂

If you like these little blog posts then have a little read below and enjoy!:D

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Side note: I have been working in retail for over 3 years now, which have entailed: food, fashion, make-up, phones etc. I know what’s expected in a store layout as well as customer service. 


Store layout:
In regards to L’occitane’s shop layout they are refreshing, tranquil and peaceful, not to mention the fact down right beautiful. The variety of colours burst from corner to corner; wherever you lay your eyes positivty is found in the darkest of places. It’s a very clear layout, their products are easy to find and are sectioned out clearly For example, the hair care is given their own section with: shampoo, conditioner, masks etc, what you would normally find in haircare. The same applied to body care and skin care. I also noticed that they split the women and men’s products which I thought was genius! If a man or women went to go shopping there they would know what products suit them best; L’occitane do their research and know what is best for men and women. 
On the other hand, I adored that they put their best sellers on the front table! Not only is it easy to grab, but ALL customers can see what they are best known for, they can trust the company because these are the most famous products. It puts trust into customers as well as giving L’occitane a better reputation. 
I also noticed that the store was very spacious, this is a must have in my book, simply because I have a disabled mother, I am always on the hunt for retail stores to make it easy for people with disabilities; and L’occitane is! If you know someone that has an electric scooter or wheelchair take them to L’occitane, it’s stress free and a relaxing experience.
Product presentation:In regards to their products they are without a doubt perfect. They are all in line and match with the season, best-sellers, theme etc. For example, in the picture above, the lilac soap and matching lotion is in line, it’s not wonky it’s consistent throughout; the same applies to the rest of the products and displays. From a customers perspective this gives me a great first impression, if I walk into a store and their products are displayed beautifully like L’occitane then they not only care about their business, but also that they are what their customers think. Throughout their day the employees evidently clear up after customers; just to make sure that they meet potential customers standards, as well as secret shoppers. In addition, if I see that they have put in the extra effort I am more likely as a customer going to buy a product from their store, because I have seen the effort, they appear to be a great company as they are neat and tidy and have best sellers on their front table. 
Staff presentation:
They were stunning. Their uniform was matching and clean, they looked consistent, I could tell who was an employee and who wasn’t. It sounds like a stupid statement to make, but you would be surprised that some shops I enter I can’t tell who works there on not, for example Topshop is awful with this; I know that the Welwyn Store is anyway; they all wear different items of clothing, and some don’t even ware their lanyard. I can’t stress enough how well L’occitane present themselves, they are beautiful. Because their presentation is fantastic I am more likely to go up to them for help, as well as thinking that the business is professional as they care about what their employees look like. 


As soon as I entered L’occitane they gave me a smile, waved and said hello! Already I’m feeling humble and welcome, they weren’t standing right by the door, they were around the shop floor. Which is perfect because they were not in my face, and they didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. They let me shop around for a while, I had put some items aside. I was interested in some eyecream, sometimes my eyes get very red and dry. A kind lady came up to me and asked if I needed any help. I explained my situation and she showed me the array of eyecreams and said that this and this would be best for me. She tried them on my skin and let me compare. While this was happening she asked me what I liked and what were my hobbies, I said that I was a blogger and that I was going to blog this at some point! I can’t remember her name but she works in the one on Regent Street! Long blonde hair? Anywho! I decided to get the Angelica Hydration eyecream, in which I will be writing a review on soon! I will also be using this cream when I head to France :).
She was very lovely and I can’t wait to go back there again! Because of her excellent customer service I want to go back there! L’occitane know who to hire as I have never had a bad experience in there!
I would highly recommend heading into L’occitane, there are so many different people that work there and they are super kind and friendly! 
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This is the end of my blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you did thank you every so much! It means a lot that you can sit there and read my post. I put so much time and effort into every blog post; and it’s nice to see that people enjoy what I do :). 
I love you all very much! I will see you again tomorrow! I am heading out to town now, so I will catch you there!
Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x

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