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Barry M Lip Liner Rose and Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick Tantalizing Taupe 725

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by either of these companies, I just recently purchased these products and I’m really enjoying them.
Good morning! Sorry for not posting these past two days, they have been hectic! EE have sent me away for 3 weeks of training, but because I am heading to France next week they have to split it up into several weeks. I’m currently in a hotel with classical hotel WiFi, where as you know is VERY BAD. I’ve woken up early and decided to see if it was faster, and it really is! 
Any who, this is my review for you guys, I really hope you enjoy this! It’s a lower-end review which is what you guys wanted :).
If you want anymore of these reviews please tell me down below! Have a little read and enjoy! 😀 
This was the complete and final look, I filled my lips in with the Barry M lip-liner in Rose and then put the Mayelline lipstick on top. This gave a shine to the look and also made it a hint lighter in the middle. I thought that these two products were beautiful together. And as well as this is super affordable.

P.S this is my natural lip shape, I have had so many people saying that they aren’t etc. But I was born with these :’).

This was a photo with the Maybelline lipstick with the Barry M lip-liner around it. As you can see the difference between the two product colors in uncanny. From first impressions the Maybellline lipstick is a light pink nude, whereas Barry M scream hot berry.

Barry M Lip-liner Rose:



Fundamentally, in terms of packaging it’s simplistic, the colour formation is beautiful and enriching,it reminds me of walking through a flower field and finding the rarest rose; standing tall and proud; and it radiates this colour. Just like the Barry M lip-liner range they are all simplistic and natural, when I looked at their range I was pleased by the colour options, as well as it being suitable for all skin tones. 
On the other hand, I like the fact that Barry M have interjected a clear plastic top, simply because you are able to see if the product matches the colour of the packaging; in some cases, companies mismatch the colour on the outside with the product content; which is highly annoying because you assume it’s the colour they are portraying it to be. In regards to the writing on the lip-liner, I find that the gold really compliments the rose colour, it also gives an opulent feel, I’m not buying a cheap product, although it’s very affordable it doesn’t look that way. 


Fantastic product! The formulation of this lip-liner is perfection, rich and creamy, easily glides onto the lips! With a massive pigmentation payoff! For a cheap product it doesn’t look and feel like it,I can compare this to Mac! I would say that this is a dupe for DoubleTime; and it’s a fraction of the price! If you are on a budget than this is the product for you; as well as it being high quality and long lasting. I would say that this lip-liner lasts all day, it stains the lips and doesn’t come off, the only thing that would come off my lips would be the lipstick applied above the lip-liner, apart from that this does not move! This is perfect if you are going on a date or a night out, it’s natural enough to set a good first impression, but gives you a burst of colour and interest. 
All in all this is a fantastic product, it lasts a long time, it matches and compliments most lipstick colours and formulas as well, which makes this product extremely versatile; one of my favourite lip-liners, I will be buying their entire range soon. 


I don’t think you are going to believe me when I tell you how much one of these are … £2.99. That’s amazing! When I saw the price of this I was shocked, this was not on promotion, this is their staple price! I pondered and thought this can’t be right, it can’t be good quality. But being a fan of Barry M for years (love their nail polish) I had high hopes, and they delivered.
I will be buying their entire lip-liner range when I get home, as I’m currently away because of training. I want these bundles of joy in time for France next week! 
I would highly recommend this products, they are amazing quality for such a good price. 

If you are interested in purchasing this product, click the link below 🙂 

Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe 725 Lipstick:





Profoundly, I find the packaging well presented and modern. It’s unique, before Maybelline I had never seen a brand present their lipsticks in this way, whereas now, some companies have tried to copy this style and it hasn’t worked so well. I adore the fact that I am able to see the tube of the lipstick, it makes it feel expeisive; espeically that it’s innovative. This shows me that I am spending my money on a high end product, even though it’s a fraction of the high end price. On the other hand, the colour of this is enchanting, rich, golden bronze tones, radiate off the plastic capping, it’s so beautiful; it’s what first drew me to the product. When I picked up this lipstick I was starstruck, I was so head over heels in love with what it looked like, I had to have it. And I’m glad I picked it up, it has a nice place in my lipstick collection. As well as this, I love that Maybelline have clear and bold writing beneath the lipstick, as it states the true colour and shade of the lipstick, so if you need to purchase another one you can find it with ease because of the code. In regards to Maybelline, I love the fact that they have matched the shade name “tantalizing taupe” with the packaging, it shows that they are a consistent and organised brand; in a customers perspective this gives me a great first impression. 


The consistency of this lipstick is to die for! It’s so creamy and hydrating, unlike some drugstore lipsticks, they can really dry out your lips; but not with this one. Because of the hydrating formula, it ensures that your lips won’t look like prunes; who wants that? Also! Because it’s so creamy it’s easy to apply, which is handy if you are in a rush somewhere. On the other hand, the smell of this is brilliant! It doesn’t smell fake or chemically, it smells like good quality sweets! It’s not overpowering either, you get a subtle waft when you apply it to the lips. This is a must have to me, I don’t mind if it doesn’t smell like anything, but it would be nice if all lip products had a lovely scent; simply because when you go to kiss someone it’s nice for them to taste and smell. In regards to pigmentation it’s not screaming in your face, but it’s a baby pink nude, when Ii bought this I knew that I didn’t want anything over the top, I wanted something purely natural, a form of lipstick that would give me a pop of colour if I was heading out into town quickly. But as you can see above, there is still a great amount of colour pay off that comes with this product.


For this lipstick, it comes to a lovely total of £6.99! This is a middle range price in terms of lipsticks in a drug store/ high street. For this price you get a beautiful nude lipstick, which is great smelling and lasts a really long time. There are a few times where you have to do touch-ups; but I do that with lipsticks; even my higher end ones! I would say that this lipstick would last at least 6 months or even more; but it does depend how often you use it; but 6 months minimum. 

If  you are interested in purchasing this little beauty click the link below 🙂 
That is the end of my blog post! Thank you for reading this, and being patent with me! This hotel WiFi has been God awful, I’m really sorry that you have had to wait 2 days in order to get this, believe me I hated waiting this long! I will be bringing out another blog post tomorrow if not the day after, it really does depend on the Wifi. I really do hope that you liked this post! 
If you already have these products tell me what you think about them! If you don’t have them tell me what you like in a lipstick or share your current favourites! 
I will see you soon! Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones! 😀  x x x 

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