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DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid by Neal’s Yard to write this review, I have been a dedicated customer and fan of their products for some time; this is just my opinion. 
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I thought that it would be great to do another Neal’s Yard product review, simply because I am a massive fan of their products; and I want to recommend something worth while to you guys :).
If you want to know detailed information about this product, and what I think about it; have a little read down below :).





In regards to the presentation, Neal’s Yard never fail, a beautiful glass bottle is perfect, it makes me feel that my money has been spent well; in comparison to a cheap plastic container. It also makes me feel that this company cares about the fine details, the glass container being one of them; Neal’s Yard make sure that their customers are always satisfied; throughout their store, online and products. In addition to this, they have kept their blue theme, this ensures me that this is a Neal’s Yard product their royal blue band is worn load and proud by the coconut oil. They have also kept their splash of white shade within their packaging as well, this interlinks with their pasty fresh coconut oil; it makes it feel fresher. And it also tells me that Neal;s Yard want to make sure that they are being consistent throughout. Which in a customers perspective is fantastic, I adore the fact that they pay attention to these details; other companies wouldn’t put this much time and effort into this. 
On the other hand, the glass jar makes it convenient, as it’s easy to put anywhere, as well as this factor, the screw lid jar ensures that no coconut oil is escaping! It’s air tight and completely secure; which is fantastic because I’m such a clumsy person. 


  • Can be used in food:Coconut is a perfect substance for butter, I have tried coconut oil out to make pastries and it has worked! I have yet to put that recipe on the blog :). It’s super healthy and delicious. Coconut oil is enriched with lauric acid, this builds the immune system by fighting bacteria, and creating a hostile environment for viruses.
  • Hair treatment:
    Coconut oil is an extremely rich substance, the natural oils within the product help repair damaged hair, and strengthens new hair; so that won’t become damaged. This has saved my hair, I used to pick and pull my hair because I was so nervous (Trichotillomania); I’m so thankful and lucky that I came across this product. I have tried other coconut oil, but it only makes my hair feel greasy and not nourished like this one. 
  • Nail treatment:
    If you bite your nails, have weak of frail nails use this product! The same oils that repair my hair repair you nails as well! It’s amazing! It makes them grow so much faster, and they look stronger and healthier! I used to bite my nails for years; but stopped because of braces; but they were still so weak and frail from the years of neglect; since using this holy grail product; they have never looked better :).
  • Make-up remover:
    When I first bought this, I wanted to see if it would act well as a make-up remover, and by hell it did! Oils remove make-up like a dream, and this sure did! I had heavy full face make-up on at one point, I simply applied this to my face and rubbed it for 3 minutes; I then washed it away with water and it was gone! It even removed the eyeliner from my eyelashes! 


Profoundly, excluding the multitude of health benefits when you use this in food, it’s an outstanding beauty product.For example, the organic virgin coconut oil is a raw and natural source from the environment; because it’s been processed without heat, it’s been able to hold a mass amount of nutrients. Theses nutrients are what repair hair and nails. For example, when using this for hair, you apply it before you shampoo; this goes deep within the several layers of hair; it brings your damaged hair back to life.  


When I tell you the price, you will be just as shocked as me, (IN A GOOD WAY); it’s only … £9.00. Oh my gosh, £9.00 for 300 grams! It’s a mass amount of product,  I have had this for 1 month and I have barely made a dent! I use this everyday for my lips, nails and for taking off my make up! Which by the way is fantastic! Coconut oil is the perfect make up remover; as stated above! 
I would say this would last maybe 6 months to a year! £9.00 in this time frame is fantastic! You are buying into a fantastic brand, they don’t test against animals, and their products are all organic and natural; what else do you need? 😀 
If you are interested in buying this product, click the link below, it’s completely worth it:

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it, I sure as hell loved writing it! I have been wanting to write about this or so long, but I wanted to test it out for a while so that I could be 100% truthful in what I was saying. For example, I wouldn’t want to say it does this and that without trying it out myself. 
I love you all so very much and I wish you a very good evening! Tell me what you get up to on my social media below!
Like always, stay tuned and stay safe Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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