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YES to Cucumber Facial wipes

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by YESto to do this review, this was long overdue, this is just my solid opinion.


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Good evening Little ones, how have you been today? I know that I have! Several meetings, and I’ve just come home from Chris’s parents (boyfriend parents); and had a lovely dinner :).

This was an overdue review, I have used YESto Cucumber facial wipes for 2 years! I was introduced to them by an American friend and I was gutter that they weren’t in the UK until I went to Waitrose one day … AND THEY WERE THERE! I feel in love from that moment, and I haven’t used anything else since. Obviously I’ve tried out all of YESto facial wipes; but these are my ultimate favourite.
If you want to find out detailed information on this product and what I think about them; have a little read below; and enjoy :).

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SHOWSTOPPING! I am completely blown away with the packaging, it’s perfect! The vibrant and positive lime green is rather fitting with the fresh cucumber. It interlinks perfectly, and it shows. It shines YESto in a positive light’ as they are a well composed and organised business; who likes to think about why they have packaged their products in this manor. They are consistent throughout their brand, for example, the blueberry wipes are a rich deep purple; which corresponds to the blueberries. In addition to this, I adore the matte finish, by doing this it adds opulence; and makes me feel that I have purchased a high end product; which in my mind is. On the other hand, I find the message, “wipe that smile ON your face” absolutely thrilling. First and foremost, I love that they have interlinked the phrase with the product, thus the ‘wipe’. They want to make you feel beautiful and content inside; when I use these every morning it feels me with happiness and reminds me that I have bought into a fantastic brand. In regards to the convenient plastic tab, I think it’s genius, unlike other facial wipe brands, for example Olay; they have a sticky seal; in my mind that rubbish and poor quality, as overtime that seal will loose it’s stick. Whereas YESto have always used a plastic click in place tab; this ensures that your facial wipes will never dry out. On the other hand, the font is simplistic and easy to read, for someone that has trouble to read small writing; (me) this is a godsend! I can actually read and understand what it states on the packaging; which is a bonus, as sometimes I won’t have the patience to read; especially if I’m in a rush! Top points for YESto cucumber!


These wipes are made from FSC certified fabric, which makes these wipes super soft and non-irritable for the skin. I have VERY sensitive skin, if these were causing rashes or making me itch I would not recommend this product! But these are perfect if you have sensitive skin; they don’t scratch or burn my skin; unlike other facial wipe brands. On the other hand, because these wipes are enriched with green superfoods they naturally exfoliate, detoxify, and rejuvenate all-in-one. It also means that they are perfume free! Which is a massive bonus if you have dry and sensitive skin! Not only are they heavenly soft, but they don’t smell fake, instead they smell like refreshing cucumbers; just like it states on the packaging. When I use these in the morning, they wake me up and remind me of why I am vegan, and why I should stay healthy as it’s such a fresh scent. 


  1. When I wake up, these are the first things I go for, I take them out of the packet and wipe it around my face in circular motions; this wakes me up and brings the blood to my face; 
  2. I then tap in the cucumber essence and wait for a few minutes; 
  3. I then continue with my normal skincare routine.


Fundamentally, you can now purchase these in several places, for example, Boots, Waitrose, John Lewis etc. I bought mine from boots and they retail for £3.99! This is a fantastic price, and they are now on deal for £2.66! If I were you I would run in and buy as many as I could; I know that I stacked up on 7 packets; may seem excessive, but some are for holiday and the rest for university. I also use these everyday twice a day. They are completely worth the money, and in all honesty they aren’t much more expensive than other decent facial wipes, and you get more in this packet! 25 wipes! That’s amazing and super convenient; as you don’t have to buy them constantly. 
If you are interested in purchasing this fantastic product click the links below:
Thank you for reading this blog post! I’m so happy that I have finally written this! It was completely overdue! I know that within the next few weeks I’m going to buy their entire product range and review them all. If that’s something you want to see please let me know; as I want to give you what you want :).
I love you all, and I will see you tomorrow with an advice blog post!
Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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