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Knock Knock Pen-to-Paper Mousepad:
Let’s Do This
My Awesome Week 

DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid by KnockKnock, I have always liked their products and I’ve even done a previous review on them.

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Hello and welcome to my blog again? How have you been keeping? If you are new then hello! I hope  you enjoy this positive blog post and stay for further ones! Anyhow, I’m here today with another stationary review! I find that it’s getting near for starting School in September, and it’s the same with university. Why not stay organised?

I received this package from KnockKnock yesterday, as they wanted to thank me for the review I wrote about them previously. I am writing this review like I would any other :). I thank them so much for being so generous, but it goes to show how much of a wonderful company they are :).
If you are a fan of Knock Knock products, or if  you don’t know much about them have a little look below! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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Fundamentally, lets start with Let’s Do This. This pen-to-paper mousepad is gorgeous! The bright coral in contrast to the orange gives me summer vibes! I feel like I should be making a tropical cocktail while writing my notes down. Knock Knock never fail on making me feel content and happy with my purchase. I can look at this pad and think it’s well organised, due to the array of columns, and humorous subtitles, for example, “do or die”. I find this funny, as everyone that’s stressing out have always felt like they were “dying”-this is obviously dramatic; as they are in a stressful atmosphere. I love that Knock Knock have made this funny; as while you are stressing out, you can laugh about, an ounce of your worries will disappear as Knock Knock are here to help you; they don’t want to pressure you which is why they made this pad laughable. This will make you want to complete your work, as well as succeed as it’s relatable with the common slag, “gotta do”. It’s like this pad is your friend, and they are telling you how you should organise your work. This is something Knock Knock always does in their products, they aim to, “bring humor, creativity and smarts to everyday life”. They have not only met that expectation but crushed it!  In regards to My Awesome Week, there is a similar layout, for example, a multitude of columns have been provided so you can segregate which task you need to do first, as well as the shape of the product, and the same section where you can place your pen. I am so glad that Knock Knock have taken their mousepads to a whole new level! This pen section is beyond handy! You will never lose it, once you are done writing what you need to write; you can simply place it back in the pen section. And when you need to make any amendments, for example, completing a task, you can take the pen and tick it off with ease. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost my pens … It’s the bane of my life but I don’t have to worry now, as Knock Knock have again thought outside of the box and saved us. On the other hand, the colour scheme of this pad is enchanting, I prefer this one just because blue is such a relaxing colour; it reminds me walking on the beach with the beautiful blue sea in the distance. It’s also something different, most of the pads I have are orange, this will be a nice addition to the family, that way I can colour-coordinate what subjects go where.


Profoundly, the products themselves are faultless, Knock Knock picked up on my last issue, which was that they should offer an array of colours, they have done that! There are two colours to choose from, could there be more? Yes of course there could. If I was to give any suggestions is that they should keep doing what they are doing with this new pad launch. But add new colours, for example, have a lime green pad and use funny sick references as their subtitles. In regards to the paper, they keep it the exact same as the other mousepads, they are super soft. Which is flawless when you are trying to drag your mouse around the pad. I remember a long time ago, before I came into contact with Knock Knock, I bought a cheap mousepad, I wanted something that I could place beside me while using my computer … The paper was such rubbish quality that it made me cringe every time I went to drag my mouse across the pad.
In regards to the spaces provided in the pad there are more of them, and they are a little bit wider! I never had an issue with the sizing of the pad, but this is so much better! It’s handy if you have big writing, or want to put your own subtitles in; there is room to do that. I am saving these pads of joy when I start University in September, they will be by my computer, I will segregate them to what topic I want to study in my marketing course and swap them over when need be. 


The pricing on these pads are the same, they are sold separately for £12, I know it may seem a bit too expensive for some of you; but it’s completely worth the money. There are so many updated features which are mentioned above; my favourite one being the pen section. These will last such a long time, at least 6 months to a year, depending if you use them once a week or not. The paper is such high quality; which you will need if  you want a mouse to follow your directions. Knock Knock are a great company and have never let me down once! They are extremely innovative, they don’t copy other companies, they are their own trademark;when I look in a stationary store I can segregate Knock Knock from everything else; due to their iconic font and colours. 
If you are interested in buying these products click the links below, also there will be another link to their homepage if you just want to browse their website alone :). 
Thank you ever so much for reading this blog post, you all make me very happy and satisfied with what I am doing. I can’t thank you enough but give you all want you want :).
I will see you either later on today or tomorrow with an advice blog post :). 
Like always stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 
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