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Candy Kittens Sweet Pineapple Vegan Sweets


Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Candy Kitten, I literally saw these and screamed! I needed to write a review on these and share the product! They are simply amazing!

Hello again! How has your day been so far? I know that I’ve been whipping up several meals in the kitchen; and also planning blog posts. Aside that I thought that it was about time to sit down and write a review! As by the title of the blog post .. Yes CANDY KITTEN HAS FINALLY RELEASED A NEW RANGE; AND IT’S VEGAN! 
I was walking around Waitrose, shopping for some new ingredients and I came across Candy Kitten. I was always a fan of their sweets before I was vegan. I looked harder and I came across one of their packets … It said VEGAN! I was so happy I jumped with joy! I know it sounds sad … And people around me probably thought I was crazy; but damn! VEGAN SWEETS! I know there are vegan sweets out there, but Candy Kitten are my favourite brand of sweets! 
If you want to know further detail about what I think etc, have a little read below! 

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Holy mother of Jesus, Candy Kitten have never failed in the packaging department. These sweets scream luxury!Their matted texture and eye catching font is breathtaking; it’s bold, colourful and coragious! A smart marking move if you ask me; everyone can see it, it stands out from the crowd. Candy Kitten has always been consistent throughout their brand, for example, they’ve always used a piercing white background; this makes their bundles of joys (sweets) stand out even more; as well as the dainty and well thought out illustrations on their bags. In regards to the pineapple one, I adore how they’ve placed tiny cartoon pineapples around the edge. It makes it feel expensive and real; In the sense that Candy Kitten use 100% natural ingredients; I know when I eat these delicious treats; I’m not biting into chemicals or unnatural substances.
On the other hand, I love that they have a clear window in the packet, it enables the casual browser to have a quick look into what they may spend their money on. In my perspective this is perfect! Before I buy something, especially food I want to know what it looks like; I don’t want to spend my money on something that doesn’t look like good quality. What I put into my body, I want it to be nutritious and well prepared. I can evidently see that these treats are handcrafted and well put together; Candy Kitten even put their iconic signature CK. 


Sweet and juicy pineapple. Candy Kitten deliver what they say, when they mean sweet pineapple, they mean sweet pineapple. It doesn’t taste fake, it’s pure pineapple juice. It’s so uplifting and tasty they become addictive. I knew that when I was becoming vegan I would find it extremely hard not to eat sweets; simply because I have an extreme sweet tooth! I know there are fruits out there, and believe me, I eat my 5 a day; and I love them, they taste amazing! But some days you need that sweet satisfaction; you need the texture of sweets; this is the perfect product! I went out and bought 3 packets, they will last me a few weeks; they are still sweets, they won’t bring the same nutrition as an apple or any other fruit; so eat them with moderation.
The texture of these sweets are better than the ones that contain gelatin! This is because they are so soft, I can bite into them and my teeth won’t feel like they are being pulled out. They melt in the mouth and don’t burn your tongue. Before I was vegan I would eat sweets constantly, and they would burn my tongue; these sweets don’t do this in the slightest! I’m not saying eat an entire bag of these! I’m just saying that these are pain free and are so much better than ‘regular’ sweets. 


These sweets retail for £2.00 on their website, but when I bought them from Waitrose they were £1.60. I know they seem expensive for sweets, but in a way you get more out of them, than you would a cheaper packet of sweets. For example, Candy Kitten keep all their ingredients natural; whereas other companies add unwanted chemicals etc. These sweets are also large, as you can see in the pictures above, one of these sweets take a mass amount of space; I was actually struggling to hold such a mass amount in my hand. These sweet packets are bigger than normal! You are paying more, for more sweets and better ingredients. I’m not great at maths, but that’s a great deal! 

If you are interested in buying these treats head into Waitrose, or buy them online! Click the link below:

Thank you for reading this post! If you buy these sweets please tell me what you think about them! I also want to thank you all for coming over to Twitter and talking to me! I’ve really enjoyed your company! Please keep in contact and keep me up to date! I really love talking to all of you!
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Stay tuned Little ones! I love you! 😀 x x x 


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