Vegan Lunch Recipe

Pita, pesto, cucumber and Chili sauce concoction 


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Good morning my lovely people, how are you today? I’m on day 4 at y training, nearly over I can’t believe it! What are your plans for today, whatever they are I hope you enjoy them and do your best; even if it’s watching movies all day … That’s a hard task ;).

Any how, I have created a quick and easy vegan lunch! It’s super quick to prepare and even quicker to eat! If you want to know how to make this creation have a look down below and enjoy creating!

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  • 2 tbs green pesto;
  • chili sauce (choose your heat level);
  • quarter of cucumber 
  • 1 pita (or as many as you want).


  1. Take your pitta and half it with a knife, or simply rip it in half like I have;
  2. spread 1tbs of green pesto on one pita, and then the other tbs on the other half;
  3. put the cucumber on the pesto; 
  4. drizzle your desired amount of chili sauce on top of the cucumber;
  5. fold the pita back together;

Why these ingredients? 

Because cucumber is made up of 80% water it keeps you hydrated, if you struggle drinking throughout the day, have a slice of cucumber; it will do you the well of good. For example, hydrating your skin, making it look healthier and also younger. 

Pesto is enriched with vitamins A and C, this helps boost your immune system, this will help fight infection, while keeping you fit and healthy. Whereas vitamin A is good is amazing for you eye health; it makes them stronger as well as being a great antioxidant.

This is the end of my blog post! I really hope you enjoyed! I loved making this, this morning, really easy and so simple, and also super tasty!

I love you guys so very much, have a lovely day and I will either see you later on today or tomorrow with an advice blog post.
Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x

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