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Blueberry and blackberry vegan pancakes 


GOOD MORNING! I’ve had a great couple of days talking to some of you! My Twitter has been blowing up, I’m so delighted and overwhelmed with joy that you are taking time out of your day to not only read my posts; but to talk to me as well! I know today is meant to be my day off; but I couldn’t not share this! 
I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did! If you want to find out how I made these bundles of joy, have a quick read down below 🙂 

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  • 100 grams self-raising flour;
  • 100 ml almond milk;
  • 10 grams blueberries;
  • 10 grams blackberries;
  • 2tbs olive oil
  • salt;
  • golden syrup (optional).


  1. Put your pan on a low heat (setting 2-3); this ensures that when you’ve made the batter the pan would heat up enough. You don’t want a high setting as it will burn the surface and leave the inside raw;
  2. sift the flour into a bowl and add a sprinkle of salt;
  3. pour in the almond milk and mixed till combined;
  4. add the oil and mix until the mixture is elastic; 
  5. add the blackberries and blueberries, take a fork and crush them into the mixture; this method ensures that you will have tiny blueberry and blackberry pieces in your pancake;
  6. spoon in a small or large amount of mixture (depends how big you want your pancakes); and place them into the center of the pan;
  7. put a tiny amount of oil on the pan before hand, don’t want them to stick;
  8. cook one side for two minutes, flip over and cook the other side for two minutes;
  9. repeat this process until you have no mixture left;
  10. put your extra toppings on the side, this would be the extra fruit and golden syrup for me;
  11. ENJOY! 😀

Why these ingredients?

Almond milk:
Almond milk is filled with potassium, this helps prepare and enhance: cells, tissue and organs in the human body. This is essential in everyday life, you always need to repair yourself.

The blueberry’s fiber, potassium, folate, and vitamin C coupled with its lack of cholesterol, all support heart health. The fiber in blueberries helps lower the total amount of cholesterol in the blood and decrease the risk of heart disease this is perfect if heart disease runs in the family.


Much like spinach, raisins, apples, plums and grapes, blackberries are rich in bioflavonoids and Vitamin C. This is perfect for the skin, it replaces new cells, as well as keeping the skin firm and soft.  

Thank you for reading this post! I really hope you enjoyed these delicious treats! I know I did! Since becoming vegan this has helped me so much! Fruit helps with the sweetness, but these pancakes help the cake side :’) 

I would love to see your recreations! Please keep talking to me on social media! It really makes my day! Or even comment below! I will respond however you want 🙂 
I love you all! Have a lovely day, and I will see you again later 🙂 
Stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 


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