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Underground anxiety

Good morning my lovely people! I’m up nice and early as per usual. Today I am heading back home, but instead of getting a lift I’m taking the train and then the London underground … At 5pm. As you know that’s CRAZY; and this fills me with MASSIVE anxiety. I thought that it would be helpful to share my thoughts, as you can relate; as well as, giving you ideas on how to deal with these situations.

If you think this will help you, or someone you know, give this a little read! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, tell me what you have been up to :).

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Background information:

Some of you aren’t aware, but I suffer with anxiety, it’s been a huge factor of my life since I can remember. It’s grown and developed into something ugly, I worry about silly things at time, and my common fears have grown out of proportion. Traveling being one of them. I have fears of people driving WAY too fast, planes crashing, being trapped in the underground. You name it and I have most likely thought about it and panicked at the same time.

The London Underground:

CHAOTIC! The London underground is commonly associated with: errors, overcrowding and ANXIETY! If you are claustrophobic, The London Underground probably isn’t your thing, London in general is a very scary place; people swarming to and fro, having to follow the flow of people as there are too many going in one direction; getting stressed and frustrated with people that lack common sense. But the worst aspect of London would be the travel side of things, a popular one in general … The Underground. The Underground for me is still a very overwhelming situation, I tend to try and walk everywhere (within reason); but when I can’t I dread the other option. As soon as you enter the tunnel, you are faced with an ashy smell, as well as hundreds of people sweating. The overcrowding on the platform is terrifying! If you are at the front, you are facing the tracks … If you fall, game over. Looking down and fearing for your life, the impatient people shoving you forward…So frustrating. Then you have to get on the train … There’s no point looking for a seat, finding space on the train is the main concern. If you are one of those “lucky” people, well done you have made it on. But you are forced to face armpits, faces, train doors. It’s so uncomfortable to be so close to somebody you have’t met, but you get used it. 

How to get over the underground/not panic as much:

  • Get used to your surroundings:
    If you are put in a position where you have to use The Underground on a daily basis, you have to get used to the fact that you have to do this. Get used to how busy it gets, and come to terms with it. You know what to expect, and you will learn how to deal with it. On the other hand, if you know what time it gets hectic, go earlier. This is what I do, when I had to go to London on a daily basis, I went an hour earlier, yes I had less sleep; but I would rather this, than having a panic attack and slowing everyone down. 
  • Listen to music:
    When I am traveling around London, I have become accustomed to have headphones with me at all times. When I start to feel anxious I pop them in and start listening to music, this way it takes my mind off the situation I am in. It also lowers my anxiety levels, as I can’t hear the people around me, as they spread negativity most of the time, as they don’t particularly like the underground either. By eliminating the negativity and stress, you are able to focus on yourself, and yourself only. If you can feel yourself slipping into a panic attack, you are able to take control of the situation and step back. 
  • Bring someone you know:
    If you know someone that is going to London that day, or you know that a work colleague goes the same route as you; make them your travel companion. There is no better way to calm yourself down; by telling that person how you feel; releasing these thoughts and feelings are crucial, especially when caused with anxiety. In most cases the person that you are talking to will be able to relate, simply because no one enjoys the underground; who else would like being stuck under someones sweaty armpit? Not me. 
This is the end of the blog post! Thank you for reading this, I hope this helps in some way shape and form. I have JUST come back home! I have eaten food and finally had time to set up and rest. I’m really sorry that this took such a long time to post, I wrote this out this morning; but I needed good WiFi in order to post this! I hope you have had a lovely day! I will see you again tomorrow with a vegan recipe and another advice blog post! I love you all so very much! I can’t wait to see you again tomorrow! Sleep tight my lovely people! 
Stay safe and stay tuned 🙂 x x x 

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