Little adventures-on the way to France

On the way to France

Good morning you lovely people! I’m chilling inside as it’s way too hot for me, but while waiting for Christopher to prepare his speech, I took the opportunity to write this blog post. As you may be aware, and if you are not, I am currently in France! Really content and overwhelmed with the beauty surrounding me. But I wanted to show you what I saw getting to Ploemeur, and also what my surroundings were like when I arrived. 
I hope you enjoy this little adventure  and have a lovely day :). 

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This was the first picture that I took when I entered the boat, it started moving ever so slightly, I took the opportunity to grab a photograph, as I wanted to capture every moment of me travelling to another country. This to me is highly significant, as it shows my baby steps of leaving behind my anxiety and trying something completely new. On the other hand, when I snapped this picture, I was overwhelmed with the emerald water and dancing waves, it’s such a magnificent view, and I will cherish it until I see it again. 
Mike (boyfriends dad) took this photograph, this is when I started to feel brave moving around the deck, simply because the boat was terribly rocky, one wrong step and over you go! This is Christopher, my beloved boyfriend, he’s  so sweet and kind, and also made me feel safe  for this picture to be taken. As you can see my arms are wrapped around him, and the height difference is uncanny! He’s massive in comparison; but this means I can fit inside his arms easily :’).
He makes me extremely happy and I love that when I look at this photo I can remember stumbling around and struggling to see as the sun was blinding me.
Can we just take a minute to discuss how beautiful this view is! The sky in alight! This is what makes me content, a clear crisp sky and fresh salty water, I can almost taste the fresh sea salt on my lips while riding the sea. I also remember being really close to France, we were only 30 minutes  away! I was tingling with excitement, another part of our journey was soon to be over, and I couldn’t wait to ge to my final destination. 




Cuteness. Looks like butter wouldn’t melt, Sam and Chris are adorable! I had to really try and get Sam to smile in this one, it’s not like he hates his picture taken (it is); but he thinks “it’s not cool” to have a picture with you r brother :’). These two chums really make my day; there arguments are entertaining and ever so silly, for example arguing who would get the last sweet :’). I had to sit on the boat with them for 4 hours watching them bicker; oh it was fun..



I was feeling brave! This is when I gained the confidence to put my phone over the edge of the boat, not going to lie it took me a few goes as I was shaking so much! But I managed to take a good looking image; you can see the waves crashing against the boat; it’s abstract art. On the other hand, it reminds me of my hair going crazy, and that it took me a good 10 minutes to brush the sea salt out of my hair. But it was worth the tugging, because I was able to capture and create long lasting memory. 


He’s not my biological brother, but I consider him my baby bro. I love him so much, he’s full of SO much energy and happiness. He never fails to make me laugh, whenever I feel down he wipes it all away. This little guy isn’t so little anyway, he’s nearly as tall as me! I’ve known him for a year and I’ve loved every moment, I remember when we first met, and he was absolutely terrified of me! But now he’ll happily hug and annoy me; just like a normal little brother. 


This was when I saw another country for the first time in my life! I rushed out and took as many photos as I physically could! Obviously I haven’t put them all here because you would have been bored of seeing the same thing over and over again. I was so pleased and stunned, I was in disbelieve, simply because this was the first time I was going abroad, and it wasn’t with my immediate family. In regards to this image, I love the fresh pea grass, and the beautiful architecture luring in the background.
I captured this when me and the family came out of the boat, this was the first thing that I properly seen in France! The sky is enriching and stunning! The golden fields is a bundle of joy and the grass sings with such beauty. I wanted to get of the car and dive into the field! I assume that because I’m so short I would have been lost amongst the golden stems.




When I arrived at the farm Nanny France showed me my bedroom, this is what I saw outside of my window! Absolutely breathtaking don’t you think? I’m a sucker for flowers so I was happy just staying there and relaxing. I couldn’t believe what was in front of me! Beats my back-garden any day! This was at 9:00 pm, and there was still more to explore!


Profoundly, where I am in France-Plomeur it’s based in the middle of nowhere, I’m on a Farm! Which is ever so exciting! You do’t get the loud cars or people stumbling along the street because they have had too much to drink. You get wonderful wildlife, chickens being one of them. I could hear them before I could see, they sound humorous, and their actions match this. I love the way they bob their heads up and down, and flap their wings simultaneously.



These three images blew my mind, I was walking through the farm trying to find some cows as Sam wanted me to get over my fear of cows. but I was distracted by the shear beauty of the sunset, it was something that I have never seen before in the UK and it was beyond stunning. I felt like I was in a fairy-tale, living in the moment was so much better than this picture; but this is the best I could possibly do for you guys. 


First and foremost, I was happy none the less, this was more than what I was expecting! I was in another country, 19 years of existence and I had finally landed in another country. I will be exploring more and more each day, and with this comes meeting new people. I have already met Chris’ entire French side of the family, and I love each and everyone of them. They are so kind and welcoming; but evidently there is a language barrier for me as I can’t understand French; whereas: Sam, Chris and Anne do, as they are French. I just get them to translate for me, which is frustrating at times because I wish I could just have a fluent conversation with someone.
I am really enjoying myself so far, and I can’t wait to share what else I have done so far this holiday :).
This is the end of the blog post, I’m ever so sorry that this took a few days to get up, I’ve been so busy! Plus the internet connection isn’t the best here; but it’s better than the hotel. I will hopefully be posting a similar blog post tomorrow, but it really does depend on what we are doing; we have no set plans here we just go with the flow! 
I love you all so very much! I  will see you soon! If you want to keep up to do with what I do daily use my social media down below :).
Be safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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