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Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Coconut Spritz 

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by Lee Stafford, I came across their products a few years ago when I started dying my hair. When I saw that they came out with a new range, I went into my pocket and bought the range. I’ve fallen in love with it and decided to review it. 
Good Afternoon! I am ever so sorry that this has taken a VERY long time to post, around a week or so now! I had been back from France not even a day and I was seriously ill. I’m still in the recovery process; but I’m now able to obtain the strength to write! If you want to know what I was suffering with please let me know and I will give you an insight on that in more detail :). Any how, how have you guys been? Summer been good? :).
As you may know I LOVE reviewing great products! And I have been dying to review this hair product for a matter of days now! But here it is! If you want to know detailed information about this product and if it’s for you, then have a little read down below :).


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Profoundly, my hair type is smack bang in the middle! Not too thick, not too thin, but this really does depend. For example, if I was to cut my hair really short my hair would be immensely thick, but my hair being rather long it thins out ever so slightly; which I love, especially in the summer as my hair doesn’t drown me too much. On the other hand, my hair is quite dry on some days, and with the British Summer being intense it’s done some damage to my hair; and traveling to France didn’t help either. In terms of my hair appearing greasy it’s pretty much non-existent, this week was the test as I wasn’t well enough to wash my hair … I went 5 or more days without washing it, and it still appeared dry, my mum said, “have you just washed your hair, it looks clean?”. I was utterly shocked and honored in a strange way, that I could not wash my hair and it still looks good :’). 


Stunning! The champagne rose gold bottle is enchanting, it appears refreshing and reminds me of an innocent rose. When you look at the fine details, the name ‘Lee Stafford’ and the dog logo was rose gold; this interlinked with the pink bottle and showed me that Lee Stafford cares about what his packing looks like, he wants it to be consistent. In a consumers perspective it gives me a good first impression, if something looks good I have the expectation that the product inside is going to be just as good; which in this case was a massive YES!
On the other hand, I love that the bold text is in the significant hot pink colour; this is what Lee Stafford always uses on his other hair products. This is the only time that Lee Stafford has updated his packing, and that was for the CoCo LoCo edition, in my opinion I really like the change, I feel like he should do this for new ranges. For example, if he bought out a new range for just thick hair, he should have a separate colour for that, it easier to catagorise, especially if he did it for all hair types.


In regards to this product, it’s fantastic and let me tell you why. Like some spray in hair conditioners they weigh your hair down, and make it appear greasy. Whereas this one is light, and no matter how much you spray on there it doesn’t look greasy. It also smells extremely refreshing, it feels like I’m smelling a real coconut. I hate it when I buy a hair product and it smells fake, or the scent is too overpowering; whereas the CoCo LoCo has a slight smell of real coconut, which is nice when you are spraying it on your hair, simply because it’s not intense.
On the other hand, after you have applied this to the hair and brushed it in, it leaves your hair silky smooth and reduces the chance of getting split ends. This is because pure coconut oils have been placed in this bottle, not only is it natural but it gives the best results. It also strengthens your hair, I have noticed this over the past month using this product. 


Fundamentally, this hair product retails for £5.99! This is fantastic! I was utterly shocked, simply because I’ve never seen anything so low priced in the Lee Stafford collection. And after seeing the results this gave me I stocked up on another one of these and gave it to my boyfriend … He’s obsessed with it! He loves the smell, as well as his hair being damage free. For £5.99 you get 150ml, I have been using mine for a month, and I apply it to my hair at least 4 times a week! And I haven’t even gone through half the bottle yet; completely worth the money in my opinion!
If you are interested in purchasing this product click the link below:
This is the end of my blog post! I’m ever so sorry that this took a while to post! Everyone does get ill from time to time, and this time it knocked me down for well over a week! 
I hope you enjoyed this blog post though! You will be seeing me again today or tomorrow! A little adventure and advice blog post will be up, as well as a VEGAN RECIPE!
Enjoy the rest of your day, I love you all so much! Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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