Advice-moving into University

Moving into University 

Welcome back you lovely people! How are you today? I’ve just finished  a lecture, but I have to attend another one at 2pm; I’m so excited, I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far :).
That being said, I haven’t really told you what it was like moving in, and how stressful it can be at times; even if you don’t think it at the time. Before you ask Little ones, I will be doing a room tour soon, probably within the month; there are still some little bits and bobs I want to put in the room beforehand; I want it to be perfect for you guys :).
Any how, I’m going to show you parts of my University in this post, as well as telling you how you can move in if you have’t already :).

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What University are you going to?

Depending where your University is located depends on the amount of stress it can cause for you. I was lucky  in that sense, simply because I’m located in Welwyn, but my University is in Bedfordshire; which makes quite a nice journey; especially if I’ve forgotten something; or want to visit family. On the other hand, if you have more than a 2 hour commute you have to do extra planning and take extra precautions; simply because you have to take everything with you in one trip. This isn’t the time to worry, if anything embrace this very moment because this is going to make you a stronger person; you are about to start a new chapter in life; it won’t be perfect but you are just starting out :).

A few things you might want to consider:

  • Make a list of everything you need:
    You are going to be a new University student, the last thing you need to be worrying about is what you need and how to get it. To keep the stress at bay, make a list of everything you need. Split it up into several categories. For example, kitchen, bedroom, beauty, clothes, stationary, desk etc. At least then you have a starting point, something to look at and go, ‘that’s so much off my plate already, this is that I need to get’.
    In my perspective I’m the type of person that loves making lists, so when the time came around for preparing to University I took advantage of list making and maxed it out. But this made it so much easier for me, it kept my anxiety away and helped me focus on moving in. 
  • Tick off as you go:
    As previous mentioned about the list, (if you do decide to go ahead with it), tick the objects off as you go along. When you bought something cross if off your list, you now don’t have to worry about it. Again this is what I did, and I love it! Every item that came off my list was a release of pressure, simply because it’s less I have to worry about; and it will be the same for you too. 
  • Keep everything organised:
    Once you have purchased everything … I mean EVERYTHING! Keep it organised, what I mean by this is what you did with you list; splitting it up into different categories; do the same with your items, but in physical formation. For example, if you have: cups, bowls, plates etc. that’s going to go in the kitchen box. Whereas, toilet paper, bleach, shower-gel is going to go in the bathroom section. If you do this and put them all in boxes and label it; it will make it so much easier to find and unpack on moving in day; I did this and it sped up the process even more. 
  • Take your time:
    Slow and steady wins the race guys. Take your friends and family there for further support, they will be there for you every single step of the way. If you are going to rush around chances are that you will leave something behind; and you don’t want that, not when you are starting a new chapter in life. If you are worried about moving in, don’t be … I worried for months and months and that didn’t help me one bit; I was worried about not getting in, and that wasn’t the case for me! I could finally be free and I am now and I love it! So stop worrying Little ones, I am here to help and support you, you are never alone :).
  • My experience with moving in:
    I want to say that I was extremely lucky! First and foremost I was not moving in alone, I was moving in with my boyfriend, and secondly, I already knew people at the University, I already had friends there; so I wasn’t alone in that aspect either. I had my Dad which loaded the car and moved all my products into my studio apartment; he was calm throughout the entire experience; in which I loved because it made me feel calm and content about the entire situation.
    Currently I am now fully moved in, with a studio apartment I love, I just need to add some bits and bobs and I will show you the lovely home me and Chris have created. I also want to thank my friends and family who have helped and supported me along the way; without them I probably wouldn’t be here today. 
My Little ones, this is now the end of the blog post, I’m hoping you found this helpful! If you need to ask me any more questions about my experience, or what my first week of University has been like; please let me know in the comment section down below, or on my social media, I will take all the time out of my day to help you guys :).
You are my little internet family and I love you for that! Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones! And if you moving into University, or go to the same one as me say hello! I would love to get to know you 🙂 
x x x. 

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