Body Shop Haul

Body Shop University Haul

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by this company, I have been a fan of their products for years, they are really high quality, I’ve just stuck with them.

Hello! How are you guys? I’m finally settled in my new place at University, I have a beautiful window view- I can finally people watch and have no one judge me ;).
I’m currently dying my friends hair, it looks interesting non the less, let’s see how that plays out :’). Any-who! I am here, and I have a Body Shop haul for you. I picked up a few bits and pieces from The Body Shop, this was before Uni, and now that I am here I thought I would show you :).
If you love The Body Shop, or you like these types of blog posts, then keep on reading :).


  • British Rose Body Scrub;
  • British Rose Shower Gel;
  • Strawberry Shower Gel;
  • Argon Oil Shower Gel;
  • Coconut Cream Shower Gel;
  • Grapefruit Shower Gel


I had already previously purchased the British Rose collection, I love roses, they are my favourite flower,plus my middle name is rose, so pluses right? Any how, it smells absolutely beautiful! The formula of the shower gel is stunning, it’s extremely creamy and nourishing for the skin. The Body Shop use pure rose extract, this is super beneficial for your skin and health, for example it detoxes the skin; it releases all the unhealthy oils beneath and clears your pours, if you suffer with back acne this is the shower gel for you. 

In regards to the body scrub it was my first time trying it from this collection, the tiny beads held within this product is amazing! It’s not too rough, so you can actually scrub this as hard as you can; and it won’t cause bleeding, (this has happened to me with some scrubs). The smell is the same as the shower gel, which goes to show that they can’t fake the product, what I mean by this is that some companies try and mimic the smell of particular objects and they fail because it’s fake. The Body Shop use 100% natural ingredients, which is why all their products smell like the real deal.  


Fundamentally, this is the only shower gel that has a different texture to the others, for example the other shower gels are really creamy and thick, whereas this one is double that! Because it’s a shower cream it’s extra creamy; which means more nourishment! So if you have dry skin like me, and so happens to love the smell of coconut; then this is the product for you! Even if you don’t have dry skin but loves coconut then give this a whirl; it smells delicious. 


Fundamentally, all the shower gels that I have purchased above is amazing! Since I discovered The Body Shop years ago, I have never bought any other shower gel but these. First and foremost they don’t test against animals, second of all, they are the best smelling shower gels EVER! They smell like the real thing! I would highly recommend these products, I have always used them. I have sensitive and very dry skin and they don’t dry them out, if they did I would not waste my money on them! On the other hand, they look stunning, their packaging in perfection. They really let the colour shine through; as well as this, they are consistent throughout. For example, they have the significant black stripe running through the middle; this makes the flavour of the shower gel evident; and it also makes it look classy. 
This is the end of the blog post, if you like this type of post then let me know and I will do more! Now that I am at University I will put more time into blogging! I love you all so much! An update on my life will be given to you shortly! But tomorrow is my mothers Birthday, I might even show you how it goes; it really does depend on how she feels about it :).
I love you all so very much, see you tomorrow! Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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