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Baking for the iPhone 7 launch 

Good afternoon, I am so sorry for the delay, work has been hectic … There was a robbery in my shop yesterday; I’ve been shock up so my nerves have been all over the place. I’m currently laying down on the sofa while typing; I’m so comfortable :).
Any how, what have you been up to today? Let’s have a little chat down below in the comment section, of use my social media; I love communicating with you :). Now lets crack on with this blog post, so many of you have wanted to read this one! Sit back and relax Little ones :).

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Baked for days! I woke up at 8 and started baking by 9 am. From that moment on I thought that it would be best to start off with something close to heart … Rock cakes. I have been making these since I was in primary School; experimenting for years on out, I have found my own perfect recipe, and I’m not sharing it just yet, sorry Little ones; this is close to me and my family only … A McGuire specaility for the time being. Hopefully within the next few years I will be making a cook book with all my recipes; I can’t wait to release that 🙂
In regards to the rock cakes, it took me an hour and a bit to make 12, simply because I’m very OCD about baking, I will take my time as I want to create the perfect bake. Within one batch of rock-cakes 6 are made; but if I wanted to make them bigger I would only make 3 or four; it really does depend. My mother doesn’t like them too big, it fills her up to much, it makes her uncomfortable; she was the true inspiration for these little rocks; around the years in making these she was my guinea pig; she told me what she wanted and I finally delivered it; she claims that these are “the best rock cakes”, my family love them. And so did my work colleagues, my manager Elliot couldn’t stop eating them, he said they were, “beautiful”, to keep him happy just make him good food :). 
After I had let my two batches cool down I put them into their own container, it was like putting babies to bed; they are so important. 
I then took to washing up and starting something new. It was time to start the cookies, something I had made previously before, but I still needed to look at my recipe; just to make sure that everything went smoothly. One cookie batch made 12 cookies, I was about to make two batches, which would make a total of 24 cookies! I could only fit 4 cookies only my tray, and they had to stay in the oven for 25 minutes at a time. On average this took around 2 hours at the very least! The smell radiating from the kitchen was unbelievable! My family were salivating at the smell, my sister was shouting at me because she wasn’t allowed a cookie, at that moment in time anyway. For those 2 hours at least I worked my butt off! I was doing something that I loved, for a cause which was amazing. They were for my work colleagues, they were going to be so busy and tired, I wanted to make sure that when they were at work they would at least have something to eat; it was the iPhone 7 launch after all! 
When I arrived at work with these goodies in hand they were so pleased and shocked, they all thanked me for having done this and trying so hard. I love my team so much, even though I have only been working with them for 3 weeks; they are my mini work family; I wouldn’t change then for anything. 


As mentioned previously, I am keeping note of what I am baking, and I am in the middle of creating a cook book for all my Little ones :).
In the next 3-6 months I’m going to start photographing my creations professionally, thank God for my A in photography ;).
I will evidently keep you up to date with what I am doing, I love you guys you are my little internet family :).
This is unfortunately the end of the blog post, but I will be back again after work tomorrow, with a crazy story time that happened to me at work yesterday! 
I love you all so very much, see you soon! Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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