Drink concoction recipe

 Fruity fiesta recipe 

Good afternoon Little ones! How are you today? I’ve had no lectures, but I have been very productive! I’ve cleaned the apparent, gone shopping, planned future blog posts; and also bought the very ingredients for this blog post :). But I still have to do some more research for my first assignment; which is going very well, I’m aiming for an A and I think it’s going that way! Any how, I thought that it would be great to show you some drink recipes! It’s something I haven’t done in a while; and I really miss making them! So here it is, get ready and have some fun!










  • One entire bottle of elderflower (you can use flat or sparkling, it depends on what you want); I went with sparkling because my boyfriend adores fizzy drinks; especially when something sweet is involved;
  • 50 grams raspberries, (frozen or fresh), I went with frozen because I wanted something cold and refreshing;
  • 2 clementines;
  • ice cubes (optional).


  1. Prepare your fruit: peel  the oranges and cut them into cubes, put the correct amount of raspberries to one side, as well as the ice cubes;
  2. choose your required blender, I used the blendactive blender by Breville, I think it’s fantastic, easy to use and easy to clean- if you want to see my review click here;
  3. put the fruit. ice and elderflower liquid into the blender;
  4. BLEND!
  5. Take it on the go or put them into glasses, and ENJJOY! 😀 


Raspberries is one of the greatest antioxidant foods, it cleanses the body and makes you feel great inside. As well as being super delicious, raspberries can also prevent cancer, science studies have shown this.


Clementines are juicy delights rich in variety of vital nutrients including minerals such ascalciummagnesiumpotassium. This is fantastic brain food, and also makes you feel awake. This is the perfect fruit in the morning, as it gives you enough energy to start the day. 

Little ones, I’m sorry to say that this is the end of the blog post, but fear not! I will be back tomorrow with a fantastic review, stay tuned if you are interested. I hope you have had a lovely day, I know that I’ve had a really productive day; which makes one of my favourites. I love you all so very much! Remember I am only a message away if you want to talk to me or ask me anything; I will answer the best that I can :).

Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones 🙂 x x x 

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