Story time- Bullied at School

Three girls jumped me at School

Good  evening Little ones! How have you been today? I’ve just finished work, I’m currently round Chris’s home, the family have gone out to buy some food; so for the mean time I decided to write this story time :). It was highly requested to write another story time, as well as a life style blog post; that is coming tomorrow and Friday! Both very exciting days for me! Any how, how have you all been today, what have you done?
If you want to get right into this story, sit back, relax and grab your favourite snack :). 


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Fundamentally, when this happened I was in year 10, which would have made me 15. At this age I was a bundle of nerves, I was put into the stereotypical category as “quiet nerd”. I didn’t have many friends; but the friends I did have I still talk to currently. I never really talked to anyone that I didn’t know, and I defiantly didn’t make an effort to start a new conversation who wasn’t in my friend group. I’ve changed now, but back then I just couldn’t, my social anxiety was going through the roof. 
Something else you should know, within my School year there are at least four girls with the same name as me, so we would constantly get muddled up with another person; this happened quite often; this may seam really random now, but it will make sense when the story unfolds. 


Profoundly, I remember that it was lunch, someone came up to me and said, “are you really going to beat Sally up after School”? (Not her real name, I have to use fake names in this story). I was so stunned at this accusation, and replied with “no, I don’t even know her that well”. I simply put it to the back of my mind and moved on. I sat down on the bench I was sitting on and continued talking with my friends. Within minutes a group of girls came over, there was four of them, they were known for causing trouble; of which I was really taken back by, I started getting really anxious before they had even said a thing. Sally said, “I heard you were going to beat me up, so here I am”. I replied with, “who said this”. Sally then said, “it doesn’t matter, but they said it was Amy, so I came to you”. I was so shocked that this was even happening, I as in year 10; nothing like this had even happened to me. I started to say, “it must have been another Amy, because I never said that, you know me, and you know for a fact that I can’t fight”. The group of girls laughed and said, “I know, but it’s gone too far now so I think we should just fight. 
By this point there was a massive crowd forming around us, I started to have a massive panic attack, my natural instinct was to run away … And that’s what I did, to the girls bathroom. I thought that if I locked myself in there I would be safe; because I lock would of put a boundary between us.  
I was wrong, ever so wrong …
I heard murmurs in the distance, I looked between the cubical door, and to my horror I saw the girls bathroom filled with people, which included girls and boys. I started to panic even more, all this drama over a silly rumor that I didn’t even start. I heard a massive thud next door, it was the girls climbing over the other toilet cubical. I tried to escape but it was too late. One of the girls grabbed my hair and smacked my face into the door lock. Another girl called ‘Alice’ said, ” this is what you deserve”. I pushed Alice away and ran out of the cubical, I was met with a crowd of people … I stood there in shock for a couple of seconds; and then ran off to. I remember sprinting down the narrow corridor, the line of people wanting to see what’s happening stood there like zombies; they all became a blur to me. All I remember is sitting down in a teachers office and writing down a statement. They believed me 100%. The next day they called all the girls into the office and suspended them for a few days. 
When they returned back to School they were all made to write me a letter, which stated why they were sorry and that they wouldn’t do that to ANYONE ever again. 
A few weeks passed by, but they were still causing me issues, they were in my sporting class, they would constantly try and trip me up, throw balls at me, they even threw a badminton racket at my face when I beat them. All of this lead them to separating me and them … And yes, this was over a FAKE rumor. 
The only reason they carried it on was because they thought, “it would be stupid if we didn’t get anything out of it”.
Moral of the story is, if you are getting bullied, don’t let them get away with it. Report it as soon as possible, it might not be the “coolest” thing to do; but it will keep you safe and sound. 
You will never see these people again, I know that  haven’t, it’s been years! Of course I do the occasional Facebook stalk, who doesn’t? I know that I am better off than them, and it makes me upset that I even let them get to me in the first place. 
Unfortunately, this is the end of my blog post, I really hope that you enjoyed or found this blog post entertaining; I have many other stories like this which I will happily put up for you. I am only here to help you; and if telling you what my experience was helps you relate then so be it:).
Have a lovely evening, I will see you tomorrow with a lifestyle blog post, I can’t wait for you to see it!
I love you all so very much, stay safe and stay tuned Little ones! 🙂 x x x 

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