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Good afternoon Little ones! How have you been today? I have just come home from work, put my feet up and needed to write a blog post; it makes me feel so much better, especially being on my feet all day. I love doing advice blog posts, and I love reading them too! When I first started blogging it’s all I ever read, I was too nervous writing them on my own, but I built the confidence … And here I am now, rambling on :’). I also know that these help you guys out a lot, and that’s all I ever want to do. You all mean so very much to me, I wish I had a guide like this to read when I was getting into relationships, maybe I could of avoided certain people. But I’m here, I can’t change the past :).
If you want to know the basics on creating a successful relationship, then have a little gander down below :).

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Have your own space:

Fundamentally, when you’ve gotten into a new relationship all you want to do is spend time with that person. Which is completely understandable, and I still feel like this with my other half. and we’ve been together for over a year. But there are times where you need to step back, for yourself and the relationship. It’s not healthy to be with someone 24/7. Some of you may be thinking, ‘but Amy you live with Chris’. Yes I do, but we have lectures on different days, plus when we are together we are with our University Friends. The only alone time we have is when we decide to make it. Which is more than enough. This gives us a healthy balance to complete our University work, socialise with our friends and still be together.
In addition to this, in regards to  your friends make sure that you don’t ghost them. They were there way before you settled into a relationship. They will understand to a certain degree that you are going to be all loved up; but not for months of end … Don’t replace your friends, probably one of the worst things you can do.

Don’t leave everything to one person:

Meaning. If someone is making dinner, you wash up, if they are washing up then dry up and put away. There is no point leaving one person to do all the work; it’s unfair and downright rude. From personal experience this has happened to me, I’ve had to clean up after others while they sit back and relax … It’s not cool. It puts a downer on the mood and makes it tough on your relationship if that happens often. Whereas, if you share the workload your other half will really appreciate it, or it you allocate jobs to each individual … That’s what me and Chris do and it works really well. Jobs that he doesn’t like doing I’ll do, whereas jobs I hate doing; like washing the bathroom he will do. This will make your relationship fair, long lasting and successful, simply because it won’t be left for one person to do, which will cause less arguments, and a happier atmosphere. 

Go out on dates:

This will probably my number one tip. Don’t stop going on dates because you are now official, keep doing it as a couple. It’s lovely to get out and about with your other half, it’s like you are getting to know each other all over again. It doesn’t even have to be a formal dinner date half the time, it can be a casual picnic, day trip to London, or a coffee at Starbucks. Just being with the person you love in a different environment occasionally is really lovely. It reminds you of why you are together and how well you are as a couple. 
What me and Chris do at least once a month we go out to our favourite restaurants, mine being Prezzo and his Nandos. We take it in times on who pays. and where we go. Simply because that’s what you do in a successful relationship, you share everything. If  you can’t share then there is something wrong; what are you hiding?

Put them first:

Profoundly, there will be times where you have to put your other half first, just like your friends you can’t leave them out, but then again you can’t do that with your partner either. If you are pushing them away because you are with your friends most of the time; then that’s going to have a huge negative impact on your relationship. That person is going to start feeling lonely and unwanted, and eventually leave because they are unhappy with the way the relationship is going. Like I’ve mentioned previously, divide  your time wisely, balance everything out evenly; that way no one is left out. 
On the other hand, in regards to putting them first, it also interlinks with being there for them. If you have to cancel plans because of this then do it. If your other half is going through a tough time and they need you then be there for them. It sounds like common sense, but you won’t believe what some people are like. I can tell you some stories about my ex’s, they were flipping awful; but that’s another story. 
The moral of this blog post is that if you are in a relationship, or thinking about getting into one they are not easy. It’s not something that you can put half your effort in, if one person is 100% into it and your not then that’s not fair on them; you are only giving half of  yourself away to that person; you need to be fair and honest to that person. Especially if  you want to have a successful relationship. 
The points that I’ve mentioned above are the most important ones, in my opinion anyway, they are also the points when where I was with my ex’s they lacked on this. They were never there for me, or they didn’t share, and they also never put me first. I learnt the hard way, but I now know what it’s like to have a happy and healthy relationship; and that is with my current partner Christopher. 
I love you guys so very much, this is now the end of the blog post. I’m so sorry that this took a few days longer than normal, I was waiting on my computer getting built; but it’s all up and running! NO MORE LAPTOP! 😀 
If you enjoyed this style of blog post do let me know and I will do a part two sometime soon, (if you wish). 
I will see you again tomorrow with a product review and a recipe! I love you Little ones!
Stay safe and stay tuned! 😀 x x x

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