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Fitbit Alta Review 

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by Fitbit, I received this watch from my boyfriend as an anniversary gift. I’d been wanting that watch for so long and he went and bought it for me. I have always been into my fitness, so this was perfect for me. 

Hello! I’m ever so sorry that this has taken a few days to post, I have been undergoing serious issues, of which I can’t disclose just yet; but when I can I will write about it :).
Anyhow, how have you all been? What did you do yesterday and what are you planning on doing today? Let’s cut to the chase! If you are a perfume addict then you will love this blog post! Have a little read and relax :).  


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Fundamentally, when you receive this tiny trinket it’s surrounded by a modern box, it shines beautifully since it’s turquoise and also interlinks with their brand. It signifies positivity and you get that when you eventually open the box and reveal the Fitbit. In regards to the actual Fitbit it’s stunning, the glossy black glass is extremely professional, you can walk around the streets feeling fantastic. As well as this, the pink leather strap (real leather) adds an opulent and comfortable feeling. I say comfortable because it fits perfectly, doesn’t feel cold when you put it on (metal feels cold), and it bends perfectly; it’s not stiff. In addition to this, the pink reminds me of my Nan, which is also why I went for this colour; she would have really liked this, baby pink was her favourite colour. When I wear it I feel like a part of her is still with me.
In contrast to this, when you turn the Fitbit around, you can see metal dots, which interconnect with the holes provided, these are in regards to the various sizes; the one I have is small; and it fits me perfectly! I’ve always had trouble with watches fit me, they never make them my size; Fitbit is the first brand that actually advocates for my size of wrist. I put mine on the last setting and it doesn’t move around; unlike other watches I’ve tried, it trails down my arm; but not this one. All in all, I think this fitness watch is elegant, easy to wear and really fashionable. 


Profoundly, the amount of things this product does is fantastic. Just to give you a brief idea of what this little baby can do, it counts your steps, tells you how many calories you have burnt, motivates you to go further. For example, if you have been stable for too long it tells you to, “let’s walk together”; the various amount of messages that pops up on the screen is so personal; it makes you feel like you have a personal friend their motivating you. In addition to this, it evidently tells you the time, you move your wrist towards your face and the time automatically appears. Because the text it white and the background is black it makes it easy to read and understand. In regards to the battery, it lasts 2 weeks, this is fantastic and when you do charge it, it only takes 1 hour to charge, and that’s it for two weeks. It’s constantly on, even at night … If you want it to you can wear it while your sleep and it actually monitors if you are getting enough sleep or not. On the other hand, there is another part of this product, and that would be the app that you would download on your phone or tablet. If you download it you can register your sleep, how many steps you should do in the week, you could even start a diet or weight plan. If you need to loose weight for yourself or for health conditions then buy one of these and set your goal higher and higher. It gives you motivation to do well and keeps you going. in contrast to this, there are various colours that this comes in, you can buy the bands separatley, but they are additional costs on top of this product. But this means you can make it as versatile as possible. When you do buy the Fitbit it does come with a wrist band; so don’t worry about not getting one, it’s included in the price.


Depending on what Fitbit you want it varies in price, there are cheaper ones than the one I’m talking about. The FitBit Alta retails for £99.99. Which I think is a great value for money, some watches now adays are the same price, if not more expensive; and that just tells you the time. Whereas the Fitbit Alta, tells you the time, counts your calories and steps, how long you have been walking for etc. It’s not just a simple watch, it does so much for you; and for the price of £99.99 it’s worth it in my opinion.
I would say if you are a fitness freak, or need to improve your physical lifestyle, then get one of these! It will help you, plus it’s your own little motivator. I was wanting one of these for ages, and my boyfriend brought me one for our year anniversary; I love him so much and I was so thankful. 
If you are interested in buying this product check out the website down below, they have so many models 🙂

Sorry to say Little ones, but this is the end of the blog post, but don’t worry I will be back tomorrow with a blog post of your choice :). I want to give to you guys, and if that means writing another review then so be it. I hope you have a lovely day, tell me what you get up to in the comment section down below, or on my social media. I love you all so very much, stay safe and stay tuned 🙂 x x x 

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