Story-time: Rounders ball knocked me out

BTEC Sport Knockout


Good Morning Little ones! How have you been today? I’m about to head to a lecture but I thought that I would give you a quick story-time at a time I was seriously injured in rounders. Now that I look back at this I find it funny; but it could of been serious. Have a good time reading this, I will see you again soon Little ones :).
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You are probably wondering what Btec Sport is, let me inform you, it’s P.E (Physical Education) on steroids. People who enjoyed sports and wanted to take it seriously did this course .. And yes I did this on top of normal P.E as well. I was known as the person that would go on long runs for fun … Yes I was one of those, and my P.E group hated me for it.
Anyhow, every term the sport changes, and this time it was going to be rounders, with PROPER rounders balls. In P.E we would use tennis balls “just encase someone got hurt”. Those rules didn’t apply in Btec Sport, you played the sport properly or you didn’t at all … They took it seriously in this course. In my perspective  I didn’t care, I was actually quite excited, I wasn’t the worst at rounders, I could hit the ball and I could run fast; which are the two main aspects in rounders. Was I intimidated that we had to use real rounders balls? No, because we knew how to play and how to play safely, plus I felt proud, simply because we were the only group that were allowed to do this. Bur that being said, you can’t be stupid because there is no protective gear in rounders, so if that hits you, you are in serious trouble.
In regards to my class they were really cool, I was intimidated by some as they were really competitive, but all in all they had banter and they looked after one another. 


It had been maybe 25 minutes into the lesson, we had been practising our fielding word, hand work and swinging technique, It was time for us to play. We were divided into two teams, the team with the most rounders wins.
How the game works is, you make the ball go as far as you can, within that time you have to run around 4 posts, if you run to the last post without anyone catching the ball, or running to get you out, you get one rounder. If the other team get you out you aren’t allowed to play until the next game. Therefore the game will continue until you get EVERYONE out. But Btec sport don’t mess around, you play properly or not at all, so if you are scared of the sport there is no point doing it; you have to man up.
It had been 10 minutes at least, there were three of us remaining on the batting team, I was one of them. It was my turn to bat again, I hit the ball, it wasn’t my greatest shot but I managed to get to third base, I didn’t score a full rounder, but I managed to get half a rounder because I had managed to get at least half-way. I was just chilling there.When the next batter hits the ball you can literally just walk to 4th base because it’s so close; but you won’t slow the other person down.
The other team member hits the ball, as I walk to 4th base I’m knocked out. The batter decided to change where she was going to aim the ball, but she forgot that I was walking in the same direction. That ball hit me at such a speed I was knocked out.
I remember waking up and spitting a mass amount of blood on the grass, I then started to panic because I couldn’t feel my teeth, I looked up and the teacher and team was around me. I asked my teacher, “Are my teeth still there?”, he just laughed and went yes Amy, but that should be the last thing to worry about right now. They helped me up and took me to the School nurse, which tried to clean my mouth and face. but she was heaving (she was scared of blood). She gave me a mass amount of tissues and said that she was going to call my Dad, of which I said, “I have an English test to go to, I can’t miss it”. I then run to my English lesson, still covered in blood from my sports kit. During the test my mouth was leaking blood all over the table, of which my English teacher, (which was my favourite teacher, and I was her favourite student) exclaimed, “Amy you can do this another time, get cleaned up”. I just continued with my work, and left after the lesson was over. She then took me to the medical room again and called my parents herself.
I was taken home … And the next day I came into School, and my lips looked like slugs, they were purple, bloody and blotchy. It has looked like I got lip-injections that went wrong. That stayed there for a month … An entire month. And I still played rounders after that, I wasn’t backing down.


I still continued to play the sport, I was a little nervous but I wasn’t backing down from something that I loved doing. My English test went brilliantly! Managed to get an A, despite the fact I was bleeding all over the table; and making my classmates cringe at the sight of me.
It’s also made me a stronger person, because when I look back at it, I was so brave, I did that, I manged to get up and take an exam after that. It does change my outlook, because if I’m feeling down I just think about this time, I could do it then, I can do it now :).
This is now the end of the blog post, I hope you enjoyed this and take some inspiration from it. I look back at it now and it was funny, but also frightening at the same time, because what if that hit my head? It could have been a different story. 
Anyhow, I love you all so very much! Please stay safe and stay tuned! I will see you again with another blog post soon 🙂 x x x 

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