Story time-Yodel lost my boyfriends package

Yodel lost a £400 package 

DISCLAIMER: This is just my opinion, obviously everyone will have a different opinion as this might not of happened to them. But in regards to Yodel I will NOT be using them EVER.

Good morning Little ones! How are you today? What are you planning on today anyway? I have a lecture later on; but I thought that it would be great to give you another storytime blog post; they are the ones that you seem to enjoy the most :).
So let’s get crack into it! Get some popcorn and watch the drama unfold right in front of you.

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Fundamentally, Christopher (my boyfriend) ordered a graphics card for his computer, he never buys anything for himself as it takes a LOT of convincing. He really needed this, he was going into his second year of University, as a Computer Science student he needed to upgrade several parts of his computer; to enable him to keep up with the workload. Chris then went with the idea and wanted it as soon as possible, before he could change his mind. He paid for next day delivery, hours before the cut off date; they sent him a confirmation email to reassure him that his parcel was out and will get to him the next day. 


Day 2 had appeared, it was time to collect the parcel from the front desk … We both went there as Chris was so excited to show me what he had bought. To our surprise nothing was there, absolutely nothing. It was only 10am, but Yodel stated that it would be there by 9am. Chris put it to one side and thought that it was down to traffic; he got on with his day and went down again at 3pm. There was still no parcel, at this point he was getting really frustrated, he thought it was time to contact someone in the yodel department. They told him, “we have lost track of your parcel, it’s going to take 24 hours for us to find it and ship it to you”. Chris was not happy in the slightest, infact he demanded a refund for the delivery; as he was paying for a service that he wasn’t getting; which in my opinion is 100% correct; why should you pay for something that you aren’t receiving?
It was now day 3, in which Yodel was meant to send the package, we both went down to the front desk, to find out that it still hadn’t arrived. Chris had now lost it completely, he took to Twitter and demanded to know where his package was. After a total of 23 tweets he had given up, he had decided to talk to technical support again … In which they said “it’s now going to take 48 hours to find your parcel”. I was starting to get VERY agitated,and it wasn’t even my package! Chris had lost it, he was on the phone constantly trying to get to someone that would actually tell him what was happening. It wasn’t until the 5th day that he managed to get valid information. It had taken 5 days for a Supervisor to say, “we are sorry but we have lost your parcel completely”. There was no refund offered from the company; it took Chris to demand for one, and even then they weren’t happy about it … NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT?! They lost the parcel?! They are paid to deliver parcels … And they lost his.  
They are now in the process of giving him a refund, which will now take 3-5 days, which I still find appalling. In regards to Yodels customer service team …They are awful, they do whatever they can to get you off the phone, and to do this by feeding you false information. For example, they said to Chris, “don’t worry we will find your parcel within 24 hours and ship it off the same day” … Which was utterly rubbish and false. 
I would NEVER recommend Yodel, I have never used them before and I will never use them in the future. Simply because my anxiety would be over the edge it I had ordered something from them and it went wrong like this situation. I would say that if you have ordered something from this company take great precautions, you think that this won’t happen to you but it could; why take the risk? 
This is now the end of the blog post, I hope you take some of this advice, simply because you don’t need additional stress; and by this happening it really does take it out on you. I hope you have had a lovely day, I’m now going to do some more University work :).
I love you all so very much, I will see you tomorrow with a classic recipe! Have a good night sleep, or night partying! Whatever you do stay safe or stay tuned! I love you 🙂 x x x

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