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Good evening Little ones! How are  you this evening? I’ve been a little down in the dumps lately, if you want to know more about that then let me know :).
Any who, I’ve recently purchased a new iPad! It’s about time I upgraded.
I loved my previous iPad, but I needed something that was capable to keep up with my University work … So it was time to bring the iPad Pro into my life :).
If you enjoy Apple products, or just love first impression blog posts then give this a little read :).






First impressions:

First and foremost, the box was beautiful.
Apple packaging has always been well presented. I was too excited that I didn’t even take a picture of the front! I was focused on the product inside … I’m such a child, I know! All I can say, is that it was iconically white, and the show-stopper was situated in the middle of the box. Gold radiated from the centre, it was the main focus point, all eyes was on the picture of the iPad.
Fast forward … To the unboxing! There in front of me was the iPad. It was protected with a plastic cloth, peeling that off the surface was fantastic. You know the feeling, when you buy a new phone, or piece of technology. There it was, in my hands. The iPad Pro 9.7 was right there. The pure metal back and the glass display was stunning. It looked opulent, which reflects the brand Apple. They are a well known company for producing high-end products. When I turned it over, as you can see in the images above, it screams enchantment. The gold in my opinion is classy and gorgeous. Normally I don’t like gold but I love it on the iPad! It doesn’t look tacky at all! It really suits it, Apple did a VERY good job in pulling this off. In addition to this, the Apple logo was sheer glass, but tainted with a sheen golden tone. It interlinks with the entire iPad, which I love. Because if you know me, I have OCD, and having everything that corresponds to one another makes me extremely content. 
I then had to put the iPad to one side, of which I came face to face with the accessories. To which I would expect in the box to be perfectly honest. As you can see in the first image, there is the plug, and then the cable adaptor; in which you evidently need to charge this bad boy up. 

Setting it up:

Fundamentally, because I had used an iPad in the past it was easy setting this baby up! And it’ll be easy for you too if you have or haven’t used Apple products before. 
Apple make it super easy to understand, and to use. For example, it won’t let you proceed until you know what to do, so it’s impossible to make a mistake. The font is large enough for anyone to read; which is perfect for me because my short range is awful! I love that Apple advocates to my needs, as well as other people with sight difficulties. 
After I had set up the basics, it was time to use my iPad. I thought it would be fair to test it out in an actual Marketing lecture! And I have to say it was amazing! The battery power is fantastic, lasted the full 3 hours, with constant note taking and full brightness, and even internet browsing. It was super fast and kept me up to date with what I was doing. So much easier than writing down notes physically.
I would highly recommend this product! I would say that the 12inch is way too big! But you never know, if you need a mini computer then why not? I love the sizing of this particular iPad. It’s lightweight, easy to carry around, and is super powerful. Perfect for University work! 
This is now the end of the blog post Little ones! I hope you liked this little read, something a little different I guess? Any who, I have missed you all so very much, and I will see you again tomorrow evening! As I’m working tomorrow morning and I finish at 5:30. I’ll be back at University for 7 at the VERY latest! But I will have at least 1 blog post, if not then I will try for 2! 
I love you so very much! Sweet dreams Little ones! Stay safe and stay tuned! 😀 x x x 

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