Advice on planning a Marketing essay

Planning a Marketing essay

Good Morning Little ones (nearly the afternoon), just managed to get writing this, but I got my results back yesterday from my first exam; and I am more than happy with them! But this got me thinking, the only reason I manged to get such a high grade; was because I planned strategically hard. If you do Marketing, or if you struggle writing essays, then give this little blog post a read. I’m also going to interject some examples that the exam gave me.
Have a great day Little ones, I will also see you later on today as well! Can’t wait!

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Analyse the question:

If you are anything like me, looking at the question time and time again can get rather frustrating. Appose to staring at it and hoping that it’ll give you the answers, take out the key words and put in your own words what it’s asking you to do. This way it’ll be easier to understand, and you won’t want to pull your hair. In my perspective, my exam asked me to, “Is there a fine line between persuading and manipulating customers into buying products/services. And does cooperate propaganda still exist?”.
First impressions were this is all over the place, immediately I thought that it would be best to find the definitions to manipulating and persuading. With this information, I was able to find techniques to both phrases, which I knew would help when analysing one of my points. I then thought that it would be best to find two companies that persuaded customers and one which manipulated them; this way I was able to differentiate between the wrong and right way to promote products to future consumers. On the other hand, the second aspect of the question was about propaganda, in my situation I found out the definition and applied the companies I had already researched, being Apple and Superdrug, and applied it to their advertising strategies.  

Apply the correct essay structure:

Fundamentally, having the correct essay structure is the foundation to a perfect essay. If you know what you are going to write about, and how to do it, it’ll be a walk in the park for you. Whereas if you struggle then this is the construction I would follow:

Point-have a strong and engaging point. This shows that you know what you are talking about from the beginning and will give you extra marks because of this. Keep it brief and to the point, I’ve made mistakes from this in the past; but I have learnt from those. 


In my exam, my first point was, “fundamentally, a company that successfully persuades their customers would be Apple. They give clear descriptions of the product offering, no hidden costs, and they are specific”. This gives a brief description about the company and how they work, as well as putting your own opinion across to the examiner.
Evidenceto make your point strong, you need to have factual evidence to support your point, or the examiner could think that you made this up. In my situation, I referenced the Apple advert for the iPhone 7 release. ALWAYS use evidence, whether it’s from moving image or print, always use it. 
Analysesthis is the most CRUCIAL part to the essay! This is what shows that you understand the question. When analysing you need to put forward your argument, you need to answer the questions, why they did it that way and how. If you constantly have the why and how in your mind; and you can answer that, that’ll give you high marks … 100% guaranteed. 
An example of my piece of work is as followed:

“Portrays and states “25% brighter retina display, longest iPhone battery ever”. This is a proper way of persuasion because they are not lying to their customers, otherwise it would be manipulation. By keeping it brief they are not boring their consumers, they are keeping their attention; which increases Apple’s chance of persuading their customers to buy the iPhone 7”.  


ReferenceI can’t stress this enough! YOU NEED TO REFERENCE! You will lose marks! If you can’t state where you got the information from then you are in trouble! Also, when you are referencing, you have to do it in the Harvard style. For example, when it came to refencing the Apple advert I presented it like this: Apple, 16-09-2016, Apple-iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 107 seconds, video, online ULR- Lat moderated 7-09-16. 
Link-ALWAYS link back to the question. It always rounds up your original point and makes it neat and tidy. That way that point is officially closed and you can move on to your next point.
In contrast to this, the essay structure should look like this:
Introduction: define the keywords, input what you are going to be doing in this essay and apply any context information about the companies (if needed).
Point one: make your point, back it up using PEARL and repeat.
Point two: make your point, back it up using PEARL and repeat.
Point three: make your point, back it up using PEARL and repeat.
Conclusion: conclude what you have done, and say what you final opinion is and relate to certain points of the essay, and then link back to the question as a final round up.


Depending on how many words and how much time you need is dependent on how many points you can come up with. I managed to write 3 key points in the space of an hour with a clear introduction and conclusion.
Thank you for reading this blog post Little ones! It’s a shame that it’s now over, but I will be back later! I’ll be writing a blog post in the middle of LAN (gaming society that I help run at University). But I have missed you all so very much! See you VERY soon! 
Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones! 😀  x x x

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