Story-time: Slit my wrists

Cut my wrist open


Good Morning Little ones! It’s been a rather terrifying week, first with my kidney infection and now this event. I’ve been trying to relax for a few days, but I just needed to write about this. My life flashed before my eyes, literally still shocked. You may or may not already know that I was submitted to hospital yesterday, due to me falling over and landing on a shard of glass.
If you would like to know more about this then have a little read down below.
I’m also going to be interjecting pictures, so quick disclaimer: if you can’t handle blood then don’t look at the pictures below the blog post.
I hope you are all happy and healthy, love you all so very much :).

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What happened:

Profoundly, I had just finished my morning Marketing lecture, I was given a 1 hour lunch break, which was enough time for me to make and eat lunch. as well as read another chapter of, The Lake House-Kate Morton, (amazing book, would really recommend).
I arrived home and pasta came to mind, as well as a drink, because I was SO thirsty. I went to grab a pint glass, but knocked on the floor because the draining board was crowded with other dished. I had a smash. As I went to pick up the remains I fell over my feet … Yes my own FEET, and landed on the floor. Knowing there was glass there I put my hands out to protect my face. I looked at my hands and I was petrified with what I saw. Blood was spurting out my wrist, instinct was to put as much pressure on my wrist as possible. I screamed, Chris tuned around and looked at me with alarming eyes. He called an ambulance and rushed me down the stairs. I was running as fast as I could, I felt faint while sprinting down the spiral stairs. I manged to fight the urge. I saw the front desk of the University in sight, and burst into a full blown panic attack. I could hear Chris shouting at the ambulance team, as they said they were going to be hours. The team on the front desk went into medical mode and tried to calm me down, I couldn’t breath, everything around me was dimming. I remember a man holding my hand and trying to clean my cut and saying. “it’s not that bad”. He went to take a look, and to his horror he gasped and told me to get in his car as he was rushing me to hospital. At this point I was freaking out, Chris was holding my hand. I thought I was going to die.
I arrived at the hospital, they examined me and managed to control the bleeding.
The worst was over,  I was then put in the waiting room to get stitches. 5 hours it took. 5 hours in the waiting room and I finally was able to get my stitches.
I stumbled into the A&E department, bear in my I still hadn’t eaten all day, and by this point it was 5pm. They examined my arm and was contemplating what to do, they said and I quote, “I have never seen anything like this, it’s so deep, we are surprised you are still alive, you could have cut a major blood clot”. As you can imagine I started crying at the thought I could have died. I could have died … That was terrifying to me, I could have died and I didn’t. I am so grateful. Words can’t even describe.
So thankful for the people that stitched me up and calmed me down. So thankful for my boyfriend Chris holding my hand all the way through. He’s my star. 




Sorry if the images have lines in them, the light I was under distorted the image. The pictures don’t justify how deep it was, but 5 entire stitches! This is the craziest thing that has happened! I have never broken a bone, but I would have rather broken something, than being told I could have died. 
I hope this was an entertaining blog post for you guys, now that I’m sitting down at my computer, I am so entirely grateful for what I have in life.
I love you all so very much, see you later with a phone unboxing! I love you all so very much!
Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones! 🙂 x x x 

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