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The Lake House-Kate Morton


Good afternoon Little ones! I’m currently curled up in bed, warm and toasty … Just finished reading The Lake House by Kate Morton; and I’m so overwhelmed, but satisfied, that I’ve read another book. I thought that I would add something new to my blog, some sort of a book review? I’ll do this ever so often, simply because my readers out there might want another book recommendation; so I’m here to save the day! Oh, and on the contrary, you could help me! Let me know what books you love, and I’ll review them on here!
Anyhow, if you want to know more about this book then have a little wonder down below! Don’t worry, I won’t be giving ANY significant information away!

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After reading, The Lake House it gave me a different perspective of life itself … I was so absorbed in the characters that when it came to resurfacing life itself I was left numb. Kate Morton has a style of writing which takes you on the journey, that;s when you know you are reading an exceptional novel. She’s an incredible women, with a passion with words that take your breath away. From the minuscule detailing of her surroundings, for the unfolding relationships between each character. There were times when I had to take a breather, simply because my emotions had go the better of me … It was choking. 

I felt that because she had studied Cornwall beforehand, she knew what she was writing to a tee. She nailed the salty air, and the windswept hair by the sea … It had taken me back to the time when I had visited Cornwall … Oh the beauty, it’s utterly memorable. On the other hand, I loved the aspect of being in one era, and then another … Books like that I adore, simply because everything comes together neatly at the end. Some people will disagree; but then everyone has a different reading and writing style; which makes book writing even more admirable. In regards to her story line it was perfection. T’was based on an abandoned home, where something heartbreaking had occurred, several people thought they were to blame for the incident … But the answer was right in front of them. So many blot-twists, and shocking revelations. It pulls on your deepest emotion and takes you with them. You are there with the charters, you are in their minds, you can see and feel what they feel; and that’s a blessing and a curse.
Kate Morton tied in several significant and triggering revelations in her book, WW1 and WW2, and what it was like for both men and women in those days.
I don’t want to give any charter development away, simply because it would ruin your reading experience.
Therefore, if you adore mystery and having to guess what happens next, then you will fall in love with this book. It’s my favourite out of her entire book collection, I would know since I’ve read the entirety of her books. But they have all left me speechless and wanting more.
Just like always I find it hard to pick up another book when I have been swaying with emotions, it’ll be a few days until I can read again, just because I have fallen deeply in love with the book, and reading another wouldn’t feel right … Does anyone else feel like that? I hope that I’m not overly insane.

I must now love you and leave you. I hope that you enjoyed this short but sweet blog post! I enjoyed writing it! I promise you will love the book, and if you don’t then that’s fine; it’s not the one for you.

Anyhow, if you do get the chance of picking up this book, please tell me what you think about it! I would love to know!
I’ll leave a link below to where you can purchase this story, if you are still interested of course!
I love you all so very much, see you soon! Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones! 🙂 x x x

If you wish to purchase the book, both paperback and hardback are listed below:

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