Non-vegan afternoon feast

Brunch banquet 


Good evening Little ones! How have you been today? I’ve been planning essays, buying the last Christmas presents and chilling with my friends. As you can tell by the title I also had quite the feast, rather delicious I must say! Less about me, what did you do today? Please let me know I love talking to you:). 
Anyhow, if you want to see what we created then have a little look down below and enjoy, might give you some inspiration, (of just make you very hungry). 





There is going to be no structure for this blog post, hope you don’t mind! This wasn’t even meant to happen. There was a discussion between my boyfriend and our friend Levi that I’ve never had egg soldiers, (I have now); but they were ever so shocked. So we marched over to Marks and Spencer’s just for eggs, but by the time we got to the till we had more than what we bargained for. We left with: bacon, sausages, bread, numerous spices, beans and mushrooms. I knew then that this wasn’t going to be any lunch; it was going to be a feast, especially when Levi is in town.

We arrived in mine and Chris’s apartment and our stomachs took over. Our kitchen turned into a full work station. It was like a cooking programme broke into our home! We were speedy and efficient. We put everything to practice and created a beautiful and tasty meal. As you can see there is a large amount of food, in which no one finished. It was a great laugh, a few friends nattering away, letting the day pass by.
I love being adventurous with food, as well as spontaneous plans, I never expected this, but knowing Levi, you have to expect the non-expected, (it’s a good thing).
On the other hand, it was the first time that I had tried venison sausages, and at first I liked them, but taking several bites the flavour became too intense; but I’m not a massive meat eater in the first place, when I’m not being vegan I’m a chicken girl through and through.
Some people may not agree with my choice of eating, vegan some days and not, but it’s the way I want to live now, there are days where I do intense gym training, and I need meat; tofu doesn’t help me as much. But you will see some vegan recipes soon Little ones, so don’t you worry!
I’m currently writing this, a little intoxicated since I’ve been drinking with my friends, but non the less I’m happy and healthy. Plus I’m cooking some good and healthy food, which will also be on the blog shortly! I’m sorry for rambling, but I love reading blog posts that are personal, I hope this has the same affect?
Oh something else I’d like to mention, is that I’m going to start vlogging this month! It will be just after Christmas! It will be on my YouTube channel, won’t be anything speical, it’ll be like my blogs, but in a video form. If any of you have any suggestions on what you want to see me do, then I’ll do it; I don’t mind I just want to make you happy, you are my Little ones, and I appreciate you do much; and that’s NOT the drunk me talking.
Anyhow, I better rap this up, I’ve been trying to finish this for a while, but gaming came into play and I couldn’t stop, so here I am now writing this at 10:30.
I love you all so very much! May not be the best content I’ve produced but it can’t be the worst! I love you all so very much, I will see you soon with another blog post! Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones! 🙂 x x x

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