Storytime-teacher lost my A-Level Photography coursework

Teacher lost my A-Level coursework


Good evening Little ones, I’ve been working hard the past few days, but I miss you all so very much; so I’m here typing away. I thought that it was about time that I let you know me a little more, and by doing this, I thought that by telling you one of the most devastating stories would do the trick. Evidently, by the title of the blog post, most of you will understand why this was extremely stressful; and some of you may know how heartbreaking this situation is … If one of you individuals have experienced this, I feel utterly sorry for you, because it breaks you down as a person.
Anyhow, I lived on and I’m now at University, if you want to know the details then have a wonder down below :).

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Background information:

First and foremost, I was in Sixth Form for three years. Not because I failed my first year but because I didn’t want to carry on what I was studying in the first year. I walked out of first year with 2A’s and a B … In English, Business and Finance. SO many people have stated, “why did you change your subjects, your grades were amazing”. The truth of the matter was, I wasn’t happy with what I was studying, I was so depressed and lost with what I wanted to do with my life. School lead to you to believe that this was it … What you do know embodies you into the person you will become, which in my mind meant,if you mess it up due to low grades and sluggish passion; you might as well be on the streets. The pressure and wanting to succeed lead me to pick the subjects I’ve always wanted to do … And I did, even though it meant staying an extra two years in Secondary School.

I decided to go down the creative route, and selected: Photography, Media and Product Design. I adored the first year, apart from the fact that somebody destroyed my Product Design Final, which I had to drop in the end, (that’ll be another Storytime). I finished the first year with an A and a B, which again, I was over the moon with, I thought my final year would be the same, but it wasn’t and you’ll find out why in the next section.

What happened?

Fundamentally, it was a new start to the year, in Photography we were given a topic, in this case it what surfaces, we had to find artists in which we thought used multiple surfaces in their work; it could literally be anything, as long as you could analyse and justify why and how it was relevant. I went with 4 different artists, as I could differentiate the variety of styles each photographer used; as it would give you higher marks. Being an analytical person, I thought I would do well in that aspect. We all had to find the photographers, analyse their work, respond to their work by taking images of your own, edit them and select your final pieces and analyse them. This process took several hours, and you had to do at least 3 photo-shoots, for each individual artists … Estimations, you had to take at least 200-250 photographs for ONE artist … And I had four. You can only imagine the amount of time I had spent on my work. 
But it wasn’t about just taking the images, the way you edited your images and why was the most important factor, this is where all the marks came from. In my case I had an artist which hand embellished their photographs, just to let you know how long it took for me to edit ONE image … 3 hours. I had to hand-sew sequins and string to an a2 piece of paper … I had 4 of these as my final piece to one artist. After I had actually completed my work, which took 7 months it was time for our review.
This is where the teacher would modify and mark your work, I was being told from the amount of of effort I was putting in, it was worth “at least an A”.


When it came to find out my predicted grade my teacher sat me down and gave me a yellow slip of paper. It stated “U”. I thought that it was upside-down, or she was having a bad day, because from what they were saying, it was worth AT LEAST AN A. She then said, “Amy, I’m really sorry to inform you but your work has been misplaced, so I had to mark you down as Upgradeable”.


I heart stopped beating, my hands were sweating, I went into a full panic attack … And then stopped. So much was going through my mind, I had been working on this for 7 months, we were about to be set our exam work, we had no more time to go back to our coursework, which was worth 60% OF OUR FINAL GRADE. For once, I actually stood up to myself and swore at this teacher, I went on about how she incompetent and why this was wrong on so many levels. My work my A grade worthy and she had the nerve to not only downgrade me, but to LOOSE my work. She has always gone on about how she adored my inordinately, and how I was different from all the other students. She didn’t “misplace” anyone else’s work but mine … In which I thought she kept it for herself; or she’s just stupid enough that she can’t track where she’s kept A-LEVEL WORK!


I refused to re-start my entire project, as that meant staying up various nights … So I cracked on with the exam work, and complained to my head of year and refused to re-do my coursework. There were threats of them kicking me out because I was being so rude to my teacher … But come on?! She lost my work, she should lose her job! If she can’t look after A-Level work then she shouldn’t be a teacher, it’s disgusting. I had other subjects to revise for, and this incident made my world tumble around me. 


Luckily enough my head of year reviewed my work, and said, “because it was worth an A that’s what we will grade you”. 



I remember walking in the last day, and stating to other students that this teacher couldn’t be trusted … With her right there. I held my head up high, and was proud when my results came in for both my A-levels, because I managed to achieve good grades, with the stress of this awful indecent. 


I now study Marketing, and I adore it. I should have just stayed studying business, but at that time in my life I wasn’t interested, but now my entire life is focused on Business and Marketing. 
This is now the end of the blog post Little ones, if you have any further questions please let me know in the comment section down below! I have so many other stories to tell you about my School life! 
If any of you have gone though this, as mentioned previously I really do feel for you; but it does make you a stronger person.
I love you all so very much, see you again very soon! Merry Christmas Little ones! Stay safe and stay tuned! 🙂 x x x 

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