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Christmas Giveaway

Good Morning Little ones! How are you today? I thought I’d start off the morning with a giveaway! How exciting! As you know Christmas is coming up. and I wanted to give to you; simply because you’re wonderful; and it’s Christmas-who wouldn’t want a little gift?
Any how, all instructions and information will be below on how to enter, so if you are interested, then have a little read down below!
I love you Little ones! Enjoy! 😀





Profoundly, as you can see in the images, I have purchased a special edition blueberry shower-gel, and body butter to match! I actually bought a second because I couldn’t not have one … It smells absolutely divine! Obviously, if you don’t like blueberry I’m sorry … This may not be for you, but there will be other giveaways soon! Not just for Christmas so don’t worry about that!
When I set up my vlogging channel I’ll be hosting giveaways over there as well! That should be the VERY beginning of January, as my new years resolution is to become more confident with myself; and there’s no better way than filming and editing your own face :’). Plus it builds a better rapport with you Little ones, as you’ll actually get to see me on a daily-ish basis, I won’t be a little lady hiding behind a computer screen.


In order to enter and have a chance of winning this giveaway, all you have to do is follow my blog. From that I will pick someone at random and exchange contact details to enable me to send them this Christmasy gift! But that’s all you have to do! I will be sharing this on my social media platforms so no one can miss out! This give away is lasting for 2 whole weeks (20th December) so you have plenty of time to enter! 
But that’s basically it Little ones! If you have any questions or quires please let me know on social media, or the comment section down below!
I love you all so very much, have a lovely Christmas! I will see you again later on today with a recipe! Stay safe and stay tuned! x x x 😀 


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