Estee Lauder Lipstick Review

Estee Lauder 120&370 Lipstick Review

DISCLAIMER: I have not been paid by Estee, I have only recently purchased some of their lipsticks, I have tried their make-up before, but I fell in love with their lipsticks. Everything I’ll be writing is 100% true, it’s just my opinion. 

Hello and Good Morning! I’m back again! It’s lovely to get into the flow of things! I’ve enjoyed my Christmas break, but I’ve missed sitting down and writing: reviews, recipes and advice blog posts! It’s a chilly morning today, I have the heating on full blast; and rocking out my bunny slippers … So cosy it’s unreal! Any how, as you know Christmas has flown away, very upsetting, but with that I’ve been treating myself, I’m lipstick OBSESSED! My collection is silly but they’re gorgeous; I recently picked up these Estee Lauder ones and I’ve fallen in love. I’ve never had a red shade, simply because I didn’t think I could pull if off, but DAMN let me just say … They are stunning!
Sorry for rambling, if you want to see a detailed review, instead of me spilling words onto a page, then have a little read down below :).

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Iridescent. It’s like you are holding a lipstick shaped sapphire, it gleams in the sunlight and screams natural beauty. Estee Lauder have a wonderful reputation of creating eccentric products, and these lipsticks are no exception. When I first unleashed these beauties from the cardboard exterior I was stunned by how beautiful and compact they were, you can carry these around with ease! The gold and navy-blue represent the true Estee Lauder colours, you know you are receiving luxury when you see these statement shades. On the other hand, when I took the lid off, I was stunned that it was magnetic … Yes MAGNETIC! They had gone through the trouble of paying such close attention to detail that they inserted a magnetic mechanism; which ensures a tight lock; sometimes with click-on lids it can come undone in your bag; whereas this is locked tight, no need to worry about lipstick going all over your bag. Other than that, I feel very opulent and loved when I pick up this lipstick, I know that my well-earned money has gone towards a fanciful company.

In addition to this, when you un-click the lipstick, you are met with the stamp, ‘Estee Lauder’ on the side, just to remind you that they are always there for you, it also makes it very personal. I also noticed that the actual lipstick was sharp like a bullet … WHICH I ADORE! It makes it easier for a smooth application, and precision, I tried using this without a lipliner and it was so easy! 


In regards to the lipstick, perfection! It glides on silky smooth which is a must for me! Before discovering higher-end lipsticks I struggled finding a product that didn’t feel like chalk … But this is beyond wonderful, and the pigmentation is stunning! One swipe and a burst of colour is applied to your lips … When I say, this I mean it, no more than one swipe otherwise you will transfer like crazy! Believe me my boyfriend learnt the hard way … Constantly staining his cheek.

Estee Lauder use the key ingredient seed oil, this is what makes the lipstick stay together, as well as glide like butter. This is what I love about their formula, it doesn’t dry out your lip, especially when this is a matte lipstick … And that’s also true to their statement. Both colours are matte, and gorgeous colours. They suit all skin types! I was always worried about trying a red lipstick, as I’m deadly pale; but these two work really well with my skin tone. 
On the other hand, the staying power on these lipsticks were insane! I could have them BOTH on all day long, and would only have to re-apply once, and that was due to eating and drinking throughout the day. Normally when I take a few sips of my drink with other lipsticks, it clumps up together which is disgusting, whereas this doesn’t move! Defiantly a plus in my books, and I’m very hard to please … In terms of lipsticks anyway.


Now let’s talk about price. It’s not cheap, but if you are willing to go the extra mile and make sure that your lipstick has great pigmentation, staying power and easy to apply; then I don’t think you’d mind spending, £25.50. Yes, that is the retail price of this lipstick, but if you are a lipstick collector like me; and you feel like lipstick is a stable to your final look, then I would HIGHLY recommend this product!

This is the BEST collection of lipsticks I have ever tried, and I have Mac, Chanel and YSL. But these Estee Lauder ones are my staple, I’m wearing them to death at the moment.
If you are interested in purchasing these lipsticks click the link below, there are other shades there as well, if red isn’t for you.

This is now the end of the blog post! I hope you enjoyed this little review, I’ve missed doing these ever so much! Also if you didn’t know I now have a YouTube channel! I listened to your requests and I have finally created one! I will be doing vlogs/challenges on there! It really does depend on what you want me to do. I will be putting up a vlog either today or tomorrow as I’m getting my hair dyed today! I already have a video on there, if you want to check that out I will leave the link down below for you :).
Stay safe and stay tuned Little ones! I love you so very much! 🙂 x x x 

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