Happy new year!


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Hello and welcome back Little Ones! Happy new year you lovely people! How have you all been? Please do tell me what you got up to New Years Eve, always nice to hear about who drank too much … One of which was me. But hey! It’s a start of a new year and why not enjoy yourself? Even if that does mean spending hours with your head in the toilet. 
As you can probably tell already, this is going to be a chatty blog post! No advice or reviews in this one, sorry! But I have some very exciting news for you! One of my new years resolutions is to become more confident, and by doing this I’m going to start vlogging! Yes it’s terrifying because I’m worried that people are going to judge me, but I’ve learnt in the past that forcing yourself to do something out of your comfort zone … Helps. I finally have my beloved vlogging camera, of which I will be using this week! I’ll create an introduction video which explains what I’ll be doing, as well as telling you more about myself. 
In my opinion I feel that talking to a camera and letting someone see you creates a better rapport and connection. I want to make you feel that I’m there for you, without hiding behind a computer screen. That being said I’m not disappearing anywhere, I will still continue to create content on my blog! I’ll just have a YouTube channel as well! 
I can’t wait to get on with my new projects! Any how, what are your New Years Resolutions? Or do you not believe in them? I never used to, I thought they were a waste of time, commit to them for a week of two. But as I matured in age I began to grasp the importance of them. 
What was last year like for you? Was it great? I know what mine was mediocre, there were highs and lows, but it made me grow as a person. I got into University, have a great job and a fantastic relationship. The only thing I wish I had done was go out more, I was too awkward and anxious, but as I mentioned previously I am going to improve of that, starting now!
My blog posts will go back to normal, there will be a review going up tomorrow, and maybe even a YouTube video! Fingers crossed! If not then differently next week! 
I better head off, I have a lecture to go to, but you will see me again tomorrow! I love you all so very much! Stay safe and stay tuned! 🙂 x x x 

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