Where have I been?

What am I doing? 

Hello Little Ones! How have you all been? I know some of you have been wondering where I’ve scurried off to, but don’t worry, I’m here to return! Turns out having a YouTube Chanel, a blog, a part-time job and University commitments is harder than it looks. But I am back and better than ever! I just want to say sorry, and give you an ENTIRE explanation, because that’s what you deserve! My follow readers AKA My Little Ones mean absolutely everything to me. 
If you want to find out more about my explanation, then carry on reading down below :). 

What’s happened? 

Where should I start? I think University is the perfect pin-point, simply because it’s taking up the majority of my time. Within my first year my time-table changes every four to six weeks, annoying but that’s the way it is, thankfully it WON’T be like this when I start my second year in October. Anyhow, before my time-table changes a portfolio is due in which is worth a high percentage of my course, and evidently like most students I want the best possible grade, and that doesn’t come by looking at my computer screen doing nothing. To obtain the grades I’ve been getting I’ve had to put a lot of hard work, determination and hiding away. I’ve hated staying hidden for so long, but I knew that if I continued writing my blog, my grades would lack, and I would feel disgusting for letting them slip. I always want to create quality content for you Little Ones, I don’t see a point in putting 90% into one topic, and 10% in the other. That’s never been my work ethic and NEVER will be. Would I have done this differently? Yes, 100%, I wish that I wrote a blog post beforehand, but what’s happened has happened and I can’t change it unfortunately. But I will take this as a learning curve. On the other hand, I have also learnt that taking away what I love … Which is my blog; away from me, makes me very unhappy. I’ve been utterly miserable the past few months .. And that’s because I haven’t had time to escape into the world I love. 
Currently writing this with a massive smile on my face, as I finally get to do what I love … And that’s writing and helping you lovely people. 
But University wasn’t the only aspect that was setting me back, I have a part-time job, which I adore … But sometimes things happen that you don’t want to. Unfortunately my boss is leaving, and the stress of trying to replace him as been diabolical. I have a fear that we are going to shut down, simply because it’s happened to me twice already … I think that’s a logical fear to think about? Due to this indecent I’ve been trying to search for a new job; just encase; I don’t think anything is wrong in that. I’ve had interview after interview, and I just don’t seem to be getting any luck. I’ve recently applied to a place that I have always wanted to work, and let’s hope I hear back from them … It would take away some of the pressure. It’s simply been the amount of pressure placed on me … I’ve found myself in a dark place, and that’s not where I want to be. I want to provide positive attitudes so it influences you all to do better. Not the other way round, that’s NOT what I’m about.  
Finally, last but not least, I’ve been planning and helping out with the INSOMNIA i60 event! I’m on the orange team, aka logistics team. It primarily means that we are the operations, we put the products in place, help organise where everything is meant to be etc. Behind the scenes I’ve been having to reply to emails, sorting out paperwork, and organising myself, getting the items I need to go to the event in Birmingham. All in all today is my last shift which is 8:30pm to 5:30am … I know a night shift, but all the hard work has paid off! And don’t you worry I’ve been vlogging the entire experience! When I get back home I will be editing and uploading. 
There you have it, again I am awfully sorry that I haven’t been around, but I have finished University and I don’t start again until October, that gives us a total of 6 months! And I am going to be organising my time different so I don’t ever do this again. I will be going back to daily blog posts from now on, and that’s an absolute promise!
If you keep up to date I will be releasing some little adventures I’ve had over the past few weeks! 
See you Little Ones tomorrow!
I love you all so much, stay safe and stay tuned! 😀 x x x 

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